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'Just Don't Do It,' Say Protesters, As Obama Champions TPP at Nike Headquarters


'Just Don't Do It,' Say Protesters, As Obama Champions TPP at Nike Headquarters

Sarah Lazare, staff writer


In addition to offshoring more jobs, TPP and TTIP reassign judicial authority out of the hands of governments and into the hands of corporate tribunals.

Obama chose to highlight Nike so he could snub the US workers who voted for him just like he did when he accelerated trade deals with Panama, Colombia and Korea as his initial response to the emergence of Occupy Wall Street (OWS).


“chain” being the operative word here. sort of the pulp fiction version of economics
…and now from the congressional underground playroom…



President Barack Obama turns out to be a Trojan Horse for trans-national corporations - leaving only the tiniest, of a wiggle-room of doubt, that he is much different as a democrat vrs, a republican/libertarian. Only social ideology separate the two parties, anymore. Very telling. Vey disturbing. And the same game being played in the UK. People wake-up! Take back your government, at the local level of city and county; or, these corporations, will have us, one and all, (You, too, fox news believers!) back on the “Plantation”, if it’s not too late, already! lol (gallows laugh)


Seems to me like Jekyll Island had closed negotiations on it, too…


The free trade agreement is just another Orwellian phrase because this surreptitious agreement has no freedom about it for the average American.

Just like the term freedom of the press is about the freedom to keep the average American in the dark! This is just the latest con from Obama.


I heard on the radio that Nike will create 10,000 jobs in the us over the next 10 years if the TPP happens , BFD


Agreed. I have been strongly disappointed in Barry the Liar since late 2009 when it became more and more obvious what a shill he was. He IS a Trojan Horse and his “Hope and Change” slogan was bullshit. Truth is - he twisted it for me to mean that I have just about given up hope that there can be any real change. Shillary is already conning us with the same approach. She wants to be our “champion”. Well, pardon me, Ms. Clinton, but my champion standards are waaay above anything you are capable of. As for Phil Knight, he is a corporate exploiter of the first order. In one of his documentaries Michael Moore met with Knight and tried to get him to go on a tour one of his shoe factories in Asia. Knight hemmed and hawed and finally said that he was too busy. What he really meant was that he didn’t want to have to come face to face with the reality of why he is a billionaire. A real scumbag. I will NEVER buy anything from NIKE.


“But when you break down the logic of their arguments, I’ve got to say that there’s not much there there.” – President Obama

The original definition of “liberal”, as in “liberal arts”, is the careful weighing of all sides of an argument. Obama’s statement that progressives aren’t actually weighing all sides of the argument is a deep-cutting accusation that the entire progressive movement no longer looks at the facts of an important issue.

I see no evidence whatsoever of Obama’s great charge. It’s almost like claiming that fundamentalist Christians have no interest whatsoever in what their Bible teaches them. Lurid charge, but makes no sense.


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