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'Just Don't Let Them Touch Anything': Vote Counting Resumes in Pennsylvania Alongside Observers From Trump Campaign

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/05/just-dont-let-them-touch-anything-vote-counting-resumes-pennsylvania-alongside

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Why did PA accommodate these idiots? They have no business being there. Our judges are becoming a laughing stock nationwide. Legal experts my left foot.


These actions are turning states like Pennsylvania into banana republics where you can’t even grow bananas.

Although I would suggest that labor unions in eastern PA call a strike to highlight and put pressure on the state gubmit to push the GOP goons out, I fear that like most of the US too many of the Pennsylvania union rank and file have fallen into the GOP cult or don’t vote and will therefore not vote to strike.

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They shouldn’t be allowed near their own d—s.

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My respect for the fortitude shown by the vote counters. Hats off!


So, we want fair and honest elections. When the hell will that begin?
Perhaps with the right-wing voter suppression efforts wiped out.
Or constantly being under litigating circumstances.

This country must have been in worse shape than even I thought it was to allow a sh*tstain like this perverted circus clown to bring it to its knees.