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'Just False': Sanders Campaign Hits Back After WaPo Describes Pro-Labor Proposal as Change to Medicare for All Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/22/just-false-sanders-campaign-hits-back-after-wapo-describes-pro-labor-proposal-change


The Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post is so blatantly anti-Bernie that they’ve lost all credibility on this campaign. But hey, I hope they enjoy corralling d-party dupes into a ByeDone nomination and a second loss to Trump – which they’ll promptly blame on Bernie.


Gee the propaganda outlet owned by and operated for the 1% is LYING about Bernie and his programs.
Let’s just file this one under No Shit Sherlock


Amazon’s tactics ( demands ) and working conditions are rather harsh, see Portland, Or. coverage, to be very charitable to this monolithic malevolence. They’ve just gotten way too big for their britches in a number of ways.
Sen. Sanders and his campaign policies gets Amazon’s cat o’ nine tails, so to speak, because they point out these obvious and blatant abuses.
Bezos is a physically small man, but with a wrecking crew the size of the WaPo mob, he’s intent on bringing everyone down to his level. Even if lying, distortions and fake news becomes their daily work product and bread and butter.
It’s bigger than Bezos’s personal Napoleon complex, but that’s a good starting start point for understanding all the twerps in Amazonland’s swamp.


To be accurate, the anti-Bernie stance of the WashPost preceded the Bezos ownership era.

And whatever influence that rag still has is limited to a small and shrinking establishment echo chamber.

I would like for the Yes Men to hack into wapo and publish this headline: ANYBODY BUT BERNIE!

They’re certainly amplifying " the harsh " in regards to Sen. Sanders. Tone, point of view, narrative… I’ll leave it Chomsky, Orwell and McCluhan to give you a better rendering of The Big Picture ( TEEVEE reference ).

Just a reminder that Clinton beat trump and lost the election.
Similar to the Vietnam war where we beat the north badly and yet lost the war, (politically).

Yep, Hillary sure did well in California.

Too bad she forgot all about the rust belt.

Say what you will, but Bernie would’ve won Michigan over trump. The WashPost ran 16 anti-Bernie articles in 16 hours in the lead up to the MI primary. He beat Hillary here anyway.


Rep Tim Ryan in the debates said unions are against MFA because it will effect their benefits------Ryan also said he supports the war machine for jobs------so the unions are pro war and against the common people getting real healthcare------interesting-----this IS a real understand of democrat stands. This is a view from Ohio------this is part why they vote republican. Remember the US is the biggest arms dealer in the world-----jobs-jobs-jobs—DEATH-DEATH----DEATH.

WaPo’s (Bezos) bias

Simply Amazon

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Kent State didn’t happen in Boston or Berkley, that’s for sure. Koch Kountry Klub’s are originally franchised in Da’ Buckeye State; like Missouri, it’s not sure if it wants to be in the North or the South.

We have a lot of work to do. There are purple states certainly worth fighting for.

Back in the 1980’s when I was part of negotiations for our FF local, we were losing ground financially even back then, to the ever rising costs of healthcare insurance. Any labor leader who describes EIM4A as a detriment to their workers needs to be removed immediately, they’re either corrupt as hell, or to ignorant to hold the position.

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Another B–lsh-- story from the WaPo trying to discredit Bernie. Well, it won’t work.

M4A is superior to any union plan. I can’t be taken away if the company closes down or moves to China, or for any other reason…There is no other health plan that can promise that.


Rust belt voters did not forget NAFTA. I know, I am one of them.

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Well said, kafkalives17.