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'Just Give People the Money': Progressives Rip Third Way-Approved Complicated Tax Credit Relief Proposal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/21/just-give-people-money-progressives-rip-third-way-approved-complicated-tax-credit

And these two dipshit democrats (Klobachar and Booker) wanted to be POTUS.
In a day when Liz Warren finally showed her true colors and said single payer is impossible, now these two rummies put out another conservative proposal that will help, no one.
I guess it’s official. The Republican Party is now the American fascist party, and the democrats are now Republicans. Where does that leave progressives? Why on the outside looking in of course, being kept warm only with the knowledge that they have have another tax credit coming soon.
You can’t make this shit up.


People are out of work and have no money and the best the Dims can do is a tax credit? Can’t buy food with a tax credit. This is as bad as Rump panting over a payroll tax cut and everyone knows the reason for that idea… Klobuchar is one of ByeDone’s (R-Visa) rumored pick hits for VP. Doomed!! The country is completely doomed!


These people are making fun of us.

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The proposal from Sens. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.), Cory Booker (D-N.J.), Tim Scott (R-S.C.), and Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) offers a $4,000 refundable tax credit for job retraining to those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic’s effect on the U.S. economy.

This is stoopid. What about those that have lost their shelter, lost their vehicle, lost their dinner, …
Those living on the least and those losing their employment are feeling the greatest impact from COVID19. For the most part, these people will not be enrolling in some far off in the future $4K+ retraining program, they need income NOW. Furthermore, unless “retraining programs” have employment attached at the end – they’re mostly useless.

“Give people money,” tweeted journalist Anand Giridharadas. “Money is like a refundable tax credit except useful.”

Please run for Congress Mr. G, these imbeciles need to be replaced. Even the democrats believe in trickle down. What trickle down amounts to is crumbs swept off the table after the elites have had their fill. This has been proven over and over and over again.


Exactly right Lynn1, there are many that have fallen through the cracks of the minimal support given so far to the people, myself included. I have yet to see the $1200, and denied IU because of no taxes filed for a new business. I have little doubt there are many in my position, for one reason or another. These “cracks” are exactly why UBI for everyone is the only way to salvage the economy IMHO.

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“Sire, the peasants are revolting!”
“Yeah, they stink on ice!”

Mel Brooks history of the world part 1. Who knew it would be a documentary?


Conversation that will happen all across America, never:

“Hey honey, I know we dont have the rent money, and cant afford food, probably wont have unemployment very soon … But do you remember that unpaid apprenticeship program I told you about???”

I give up… I think I’m voting 3rd party.


First trump screwed up the response to the virus, now he’s screwing up the response to the people. But it’s all perfect in his six year olds mind.

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If 86% of the people want a damn monthly check, seems to me that this mess leaves more than just progressives in the dirt. I’d guess that a lot of conservative, rural types know that they have been left in the dirt too. The whole retarded Federal government needs to be overthrown and give the people a chance to work out a system that benefits the people, not the stinkin’ politicians, elite, and mega corporations. Ya know…put the Demos back into democracy and govern accordingly.

Great quote and remark! I guess the vast majority of the people in the US of A are peasants in the eyes of our rulers. Time for us to get “revolting”…

So, if you’re 55 or 60 you’re supposed learn to code so you can start a new career, spending 10s of thousand of dollars in the process in order to get a $4,000 tax credit?

The Turd Way strikes again!

I have a better idea, these idiots should just share what they’re smoking with rest of us.


At the front of a parade of hungry 86%ers, lol. We can turn this into a win somehow, i hope

the Democrats have designed a program that lets their donors skim the cream while making sure that as little as possible gets to the people who really need it–this is essentially the same play they made in 08 when they bailed out the already wealthy and let the rest of us twist in the wind–it is time to stop supporting these tools of our demise and get the party we need—remember these are the fools who thought(and apparently still think) that they could ignore the scientists with impunity --as if nature somehow bends to the will of the politician----this ignorance has brought the planet to the brink of ecosystem collapse and still they promulgate policies we KNOW is destroying our planet–they do this for money–just like with everything for them–the money is paramount and all else subservient to it

I agree with the concept, but republicans will scream “socialism” if we try to create an equitable system.

A trade agreement we joined 25 years ago makes it FTA illegal to do most of the things that people are pushing for, and severely limits the scope of the rest. Its called the General Agreement on Trade in Services. For example, it limits anything the government can do if it cuts into profits of financial services businesses like banking or insurance, including from things like foreclosures. (It also freezes regulation at the 1998 level except for some kinds of ‘protectionist’ things that were done in the aftermath of the 2008 crash, which were supposed to only last a limited time) It changed it so the government can only do the most minimal things to help businesses, and oftentimes they are limited to emergencies, only. The effect of this is that the safety net is being irreversibly dismantled in countries all around the globe, and countries that have ade extensive commitments like we have (we led this push) they can only help businesses, and also they are supposed to not show favoritism to US firms so if there is a subsidy, foreign firms (if they bid lower) much be entitled to the same kinds of contracts as US firms.

So what that means is that they have to be ready for stimulus spending to create jobs overseas rather than here, or not do things at all. Yes, its absolutely insane but thats what they did. A service being subsidized could also lead to its jobs being massively outsourced. They are only exempted from this if they are totally noncommercial (free) and have no commercial competition. Everything else is on the fast track to massive outsourcing if it gets tax money at any level.

So think of it as a sort of agreement to privatize everything that countries that want to trade with us are under extreme pressure to commit more and more services to.

Another agreement “Trips” vastly increased the costs of drugs. There is a sort of tit for tat where we seem to be trading these jobs away in the coming years in exchange for higher profits on drugs, and a reduction in generic drugs coming from countries like India that in the past, like with AIDS have saved a lot of lives but they claim reduced their opportunities for these huge and powerful firms to make huge profits. (But that claim really fails to hold water because selling these same drugs they wanted to charge people $15000 a year for life could still be sold profitably for $100 a year by companies like Cipla, go figure)

Its not easy to get countries to agree to these things, we have to give them something tangible. Despite the bidding of the wages way down which will inevitably occur, other countries like India and African countries see the opportunity to win these professional jobs as very valuable. They offer educational opportunities. Many of the people who want to take them are ready and willing to work almost for free.

Similarly, pharmaceutical firms - especially US and EU firms see COVID-19 as a once in a lifetime profit opportunity. Thats how they frame it. Making money hand over fist is extremely unusual in the world today. Its literally a buy or die situation. They see themselves as entitled to this money. And they are determined to make the most of it.

There wont be any money in IT much longer unless you are a Telegu speaker as more and more its being outsourced to huge Indian companies that pay very low wages.

Learn to be a financial wiz kid, a quant. Or start your own industry that only you know how to do.

As far as the bread and butter jobs, with all the uncertainty in the future, the conventional wisdom (See for example “IT Doesn’t Matter” by Carr) goes that its cheaper to outsource most jobs than pay what people need here. The message Trump and Betsey DeVos and really the entire world’s oligarchy is really sending is that we’re disinvesting, switching over to a rent extraction model. They dont want to get involved with people who are going to expect something out of them. They would rather hire other well to do people’s family members, from the other side of the planet-who share their values. Which are wholly different than most peoples. Wholly business and materialism oriented. When you consider yourself to be part of an elite you think quite differently.

For example people have said variations on this to me at least a half dozen times “Why educate people for jobs that wont exist in a few years?”. ( because of AI)

AI doing jobs means no accountability, also. With people you have some chance of changing some decision if they make a particularly bad call, by making a zillion phone calls and eventually reaching some person.

but with AI, you cant reason with a binary blob. AI is so much more cheaper. So basically, our lives are becoming cheap, very cheap. as jobs are outsourced.

Your post brings to mind something I posted in a different thread awhile ago:

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Their thought process is based on whether its a good investment in financial terms to help some entity. The neoliberal way is to invest in the business that has already shown itself to make a lot of money. Not the small business that is likely going to die anyway. They had already decided to change direction dramatically years ago. If you look at the last four or five Administrations you can see how this has evolved.

We lost democracy - as I keep saying, when we started signing treaties that traded services away like bargaining chips. That means jobs are worth more trading them away to them than they are being done by people who live here permanently. (which shouldnt be the case but it is, because they get bad things they dont want to see the light of day for them, like high drug prices)

This isnt carved in stone, yet, (although they certainly make it out to be) but will be soon once it is more entrenched, and it will effect every major job category, teaching, nursing, healthcare, engineering, every area where people are paid decent money) We have to realize, we’re living in a simulacrum and lots of things are different than as they have been depicted to us. We need to read the international press, not the US press. Because we’re being fed pablum as far as all these things go, and its not helpful, its designed to waste our time and lives.

The last 25 years of policy has been ruled by GATS.

its a creature of a treaty, and a bad one at that that is clearly a fraud because they never told the country about it. They have deceived us to keep us in a state of naive innocence while they laid the groundwork (for what by all accounts promises to be the largest “redistribution of wealth” (theft) in history- from the entire worlds current working middle class UPWARD to the oligarchs who own these body shopping firms. (No it doesnt help Africa to help them, they are the people who keep the poor people poor)

We need to get them to dump it and all others like it (And NOT trade away still more jobs in compensation) Otherwise we can kiss the middle class in this country goodbye. The decent, interesting jobs will go in vast numbers to firms in countries in Africa or in India, (after those that currently do them finish training their replacements). Why, its cheaper and more profitable. Because they can get away with it. Ask them, I have, they will give you one excuse after another. But its basically all about money,

If people realized what was going on they would have to change.