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Just Hours After Ordering Pay Cut for Millions of Public Workers, Trump Proposes $100 Billion Gift to Richest 1%


Just Hours After Ordering Pay Cut for Millions of Public Workers, Trump Proposes $100 Billion Gift to Richest 1%

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Hours after he launched yet another "direct attack" on workers by canceling a modest pay raise for around two million federal employees, President Donald Trump told Bloomberg on Thursday that he is considering a


We have evidence up the wazoo that trump & Co are depraved thieves targeting the most vulnerable, while they further enrich the most wealthy…and themselves!.Will that overwhelming evidence of corruption and frank evil, translate into opposition to the kind of rule rump represents and delivers? The angry moron - racist trump supporters are so blind, ignorant and uninformed, or “informed” by right-wing radio/TV propagandists (who make millions spewing such lies and deceit) that they have no clue what the truth is, they will support the very instrument and system of greed by and for the 1% richest and corporate fascist pirates that victimize them! they are the reason the Founders believed in a republic, not “democracy” per se, as far too easily undermined and corrupted by great wealth…as has come to pass in spades!

IF there was an actual opposition party not in thrall to the same powers and individuals that rip-off the 99% to fill their own pockets, we might have some/more honest candidates of vision and integrity to vote for to begin the reformation (rather than vote against corruption and self interest)…but we don’t…we have a complicit duopoly, tweedle-dee & tweedle-dumb who serve the same powers.

I will again add the comment by Huey Long that says it better than I can.

"They’ve got a set of Republican waiters on one side and a set of Democratic waiters on the other side, but no matter which set of waiters brings you the dish, the legislative grub is all prepared in the same Wall Street kitchen." - Huey Long, 1932

The closest we can come now is Bernie Sanders, and with some strong activism and unity, we may gain some other voices for the people, rather than servants of the status quo and vast wealth uber alles!


On the flip side, for nearly four decades the gubmit has been understating the true rate of inflation so that workers and retirees get lower cost of living adjustments (COLA). This has been a huge factor in wages further lagging inflation with each passing year since 1973.

Understating the rate of inflation for decades also contributed to the Dubya era housing bubble and subsequent crash that financially devastated tens of millions of Murkins.


Here is an article that looks at the big favour that the Trump Administration has granted to the American banking sector:

Washington failed to learn the lessons taught by the 2008 - 2009 recession and has set the economy up for another banking sector crisis that the Federal Reserve will be forced to resolve, putting the U.S. economy in even more jeopardy.


Maybe Trump has figured out if he’s assassinated, he can’t be impeached.


Thanks Ray. The year - 1973 - brings to mind the give-away to the richest by then Gov Nelson Rockefeller here in NY.

Prior to 1972 there was progressive taxation, with 14 income-tax brackets in NY, from 2% to 15%, that were then altered to gift the richest…including Rockefeller himself - a similar crime we are seeing today with trump! The bottom 2 brackets were eliminated along with the top 9, leaving a very narrow range of 6.85% whether one made $30,000 or $30 Million! That was a crime and collusion by the rich we are again seeing on a national level that WILL and HAS brought the middle class (soon to be poor) and the already poor to dire straits, homelessness, depression, suicide and the destruction of families! All to serve the most wealthy that should be seen as a criminal conspiracy and representation Of, By, and FOR the rich!

We have seen tax-cut after tax-cut for and BY the rich to serve themselves and their crony’s and we muct demand a restoration of progressive tax rates nationwide and in NY! When politicians say they cannot (or will not) raise taxes on the rich, it’s BS - what we must demand is RESTORATION of fair equitable taxation of the richest to bring some modicum of fairness BACK to income taxation!!

http://fiscalpolicy.org/the-path-not-taken-how-new-york-state-increased-the-tax-burden-on-the-middle-class-and-cut-taxes-for-its-highest-income-taxpayers-by-over-8-billion-a-year - Please read as this essay is very informative and does relate to today’s continuing theft from the people to the very wealthiest and most powerful!


Great Huey Long quote!!! Strongly disagree on Bernie. He’s become just another Dim – but he does speak well.


Not to discount Bernie’s efforts, but objective historians will view Bernie as more of a bridge to progressives and progressive ideas, than THE break through progressive politician.

Subjective historians will view him as the guy who perforated the Democratic Party or the 21st century commie kingpin.


I don’t think Bernie is even a bridge any more. Like the ACA in health insurance, he’s become a barrier (or diversion actually) from real change. He sucks energy, resources and people into the Dim Party under the (false) claim that it can be made progressive.

How do I know that claim is false? At least a half century of U.S. (s)electoral history proves it so.

If Bernie breaks from the party (as he should have done at the [aborted] coronation) and becomes a leader in an independent, Green, fusion or other progressive movement, I will change my position.


This is just Trump feathering his nest. He will soon push to make sure that there are no taxes on foreign investments. He may just eliminate the capital gains tax altogether. He will then slunk off into obscurity, with a full pardon from pres Pence in his back pocket and his millions in il gotten gains from Russian bankers.
Trump will have done to the USA what he has done to countless business and personal partners throughout his life. Ran to the back door and left everyone else holding the check…


Now, it seems, he’s just throwing poo against the wall in an attempt to distract and punish us of course. He knows he’s done.


“Fake news, fake news”!!!

Edit to add: And ALL his (idiot) followers will believe it 110%.


Another perfect example of how propaganda and incrementalism work. Remember when Reagan said government sucks? At that moment his political career should have been over. Why should the most powerful position in an organization be handed to someone who despises it? Once he got a free pass, it was onto the real reason for making such a criminal claim: busting public unions and slashing social programs to justify upcoming - MONUMENTAL - tax breaks for the rich. The average top rate between the 1930’s and 1980 hovered somewhere in the 70% range; and never below 50%. When he left, it was 28. That’s why he was canonized by the right.

Capital gains as separate tax brackets is another mind bender. Why the fuck should that income, which is the least worked for and primarily composed of the wealthy, considered different than any other income? If you said, "Because the rich figured another way to screw you over, give yourself a hand (or rather what the 1% gives you - the finger).

Of course they’ll claim that millions of Americans benefit from such breaks along with other bs about investment and growth blah blah blah. But check the numbers in the article. This has been a scheme to enhance the already well off. Just for kicks, look up Bill Gates annual salary with Microsoft. He and others in top management want the bulk of their compensation in stock options. Thus the reason a corporation’s prime fealty is to stockholders (not workers) and the reason they used most of their tax cuts to buy back stock and boost its share price.

It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.


Tom, I am so confused about how I feel about Bernie. I think he is one of the best voices progressives have ever had but I’m having a helluva time forgiving him for his Damnocrat addiction. I think you will find the following interesting and it explains, a bit, why I don’t know exactly how to feel about him:


Does this mean rump is giving himself a paycut?


How many likes do you want?

From my perspective, Bernie, may mean right, but has been used and is still being used as a shill, by the corporate and corrupt demo/rats, to further their nefarious agenda that they are the “people’s party” The fact that Bernie says what most progressives want to hear tells me that the corrupt dems. must love this guy!


Jimmy Carter (before Reagan) aggressively ran against government and "wasteful government spending (though not too much re: the Pentagon. Like the Idiot of Orange, he presented himself as an “outsider” then populated his cabinet with usual suspects. While a profoundly decent human being, Carter was very much status quo in presidential behavior and not adverse to using code words to get conservatives and right-wingers to his side. And did become one of the best ex-presidents in history until he got in line to sing praises to the war-monger McCain. But so did AO-C, so that shows the limits of Duopoly (s)electoral politics.


Trump continues to do whatever he wants because we have allowed it.


And how would you lnow this about Sanders. Are you a Senator?


Like him or not, at least he brings people together instead of dividing them like Trumph.