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Just Hours After Parliamentary Vote, UK Launches Airstrikes in Syria

Just Hours After Parliamentary Vote, UK Launches Airstrikes in Syria

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Aamid warnings that "new war will not increase the prospects of peace," the UK carried out its first airstrikes in Syria on Thursday, just hours after members of Parliament voted to expand the use of military force in the fight against the Islamic State (ISIS).

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But the Western coalition has no desire for “peace in Syria” or anywhere else in the Middle East.

Their goals are twofold:

  1. “cauldronize” the Middle East: foment sectarian discord and violence; destroy the institutions that sustain everyday life there;
  2. sell and expend as many weapons and ammunition as possible.

The end goal? “A Clean Break - A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” (1996). The strategy being regime change in Iraq, Syria and Iran; abandoning the Oslo Peace Process, instead punishing the Palestinians for their failure to submit to Israeli rule; Saudi-Israeli-Turkish domination of the entire Arabian peninsula. And, not stated but not at all incidental, pushing Russia out of the Middle East by toppling Assad and replacing him with a compliant puppet.

To “secure the realm”.


Ya haram!

Lets see, UK, US, Russia, and France all bombing Syria, yep, that will stop the refugees.


Let’s get straight what is happening here: the U.S., Britain, France, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc., as proxies for the international banking cartel and their corporations, are interested in destroying Syria because that country: controls its own central bank and currency (like all the other nations destroyed since 9-11) and because it is in a key geographical position to enable a pipeline from cartel oil to Europe to break the Russian monopoly on the continent’s energy.

ISIS and “the Syrian opposition” are both mercenaries created by the cartel for the sole purpose of proving an excuse for the cartel to destroy any country outside their purveyance.

Russia cleverly called the cartel’s bluff and said it would help fight terrorism. The Russians are actually bombing ISIS and the other mercenaries. The cartel has been resupplying its mercenaries every time the Russians destroy their armaments.

As soon as the Russians started destroying ISIS and the mercenaries, the false flag event in Paris was staged, so that the French would declare war (something they didn’t do after 9-11) and join in bombing Syria. The Brits didn’t have to declare war, so they could just send in more planes.


England has no legitimate right to enter Syrian airspace! Assad can and should shoot the RAF out of their sky, including other “coalition” craft, French, US, Izraeli, Turk, etc.


Since the Syrian government did not “invite” the British (and neither did Iraq, though the Brutish (sic) pretend they did)so why not shoot down a few planes invading Syrian airspace? Or is that only for Turkey, supporting the IS which the Brutes claim to be targeting?

What prospects of peace?