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Just Hours After Trump Bends to Erdoğan, Reports Indicate Turkey's Bombing of Syrian Kurds Has Begun

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/07/just-hours-after-trump-bends-erdogan-reports-indicate-turkeys-bombing-syrian-kurds

Facebook post from my oldest son.

“Dear Rojavans and Kurds: Sorry about the whole impending slaughter by the Turks thing. In Otter’s immortal words: “you fucked up - you trusted us!” 99.9% of Americans have no idea who you are, where you live, or how many times our country has betrayed your people. I hope you never make the same mistake again.”

Dear Palestinians. Dear Iraqis. Dear People of the entire fucking planet.


It would be nice if CD writers did more than minor aggregation and actually did some contextual reporting on important topics. In this case, Trump’s betrayal is only the latest in a long line of betrayals.


Did Erdogan have something on Trump that he could use as leverage? Trump may have compromised himself (and the USA) in exactly the way that foreign policy officers feared - by some foreign government being able to strong arm Mr. Trump. To keep some further damaging info from getting out, Trump in an attempt to save himself would throw anybody under the bus including the USA!

Things sure happened fast after one phone call between Trump and Erdogan… didn’t it? Maybe we all should find out just what was really discussed between them?


I am watching left leaning UTUBE channels and they are down playing impeachment of Trump. Some are against impeachment??? Are people against corruption??? Trump has shown he will do anything to REMAIN in office --and here we see this move only a sick in the head person could do.


Bullies fear conflict. Trump will melt like a snowflake on a hot sunny day.


It’s more like the left has been vilified and lied about by right-wing pundits, politicians, and Fox mind invasion.
Without overt brain washing, people would revert back to a sane, level headed world.


At this point, everyone in power is compromised.


Like we need more conflict?

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Hmmm…we send more troops to Afghanistan, a war we truly can’t win. We supply more weapons to Saudi Arabia to use against Yemen. Iraq, Southern Sudan, and Libya are deteriorating. But we pull troops out of the one stable place we’ve inserted ourselves and destabilized that region again as well. Trump is a very stable genius with great and unmatched wisdom no doubt.


I am against ALL of the corruption. I don’t take a partisan position, turning a blind eye to my own tribe–because that is hypocritical. And hypocrisy is a losing strategy. Duh! When will the DNC-left learn this lesson? Let me guess, never?

Only fools assume Trump is in control. Once you figure that out, you are ready to become an adult. Who is his puppet master? There is your villain. Trump is just a clown playing the role of president. Do you really think he is in control?


Where are all the peacenik trump apologists today? You know, the ones that apologize for all of Trumps transgressions because he hasn’t started any new wars. Well, I’ve got news for you kiddies, he didn’t have to start any new ones. We already had made to order ones ready for him to fuck up further, or try to make a profit from, or both.
Every Kurd that dies at the hands of the Turks, their blood will be dripping from Trumps little baby mitts.


TheTurkish government does NOT like Kurds, including the 10-20% (at a minimum) of Turkish citizens who are Kurds. The Kurds have never had a separate country. They speak an Indo-European language. Turkish is NOT Indo-European, rather it’s in an entirely different linguistic group. That being said all citizens of Turkey, including everyone under 60, have been educated in Turkish schools, where only Turkish may be spoken.
I know this from my own experience. I was a Peace Corps volunteer English teacher in Adiyaman, a province in southeastern Turkey. All of us assigned as teachers were teaching in the official Turkish public schools and had to follow all the rules etc that applied to Turkish citizen teachers.
Underlying this is a real experience hearing and observing Turkish-speaking teachers (none of whom knew Kurdish) talk about the population in the southeastern provinces.


those of you loyal to the beltway, take heart. it appears the Herr Trump has had yet another change of heart according to the headline on MSN as of a few minutes ago.

The CIA prevails again! Huzzah!

Edit: For the record, no I don’t support Turkey (lord, no!) and I personally think the Syrian Kurds should cut a sweetheart deal with Assad who’s offered at least twice.

That doesn’t make it any less amusing that this so-called “dictator” Trump has all the effective presidential power of a shoe. Maybe it’s time to be a little more frightened of the power behind the doors for once and jump back out of bed with the alphabet agencies.


You are only useful as long as you are useful … The NATO Turks setting astraddle the choke point of Russian access to the Mediterranean are much more useful than the socialist Kurds. The Kurds were only useful in the US fake war on ISIS in Syria. That ‘war’ is now over.


I regret that post, should of woke and had a cup of coffee first. Global climate heat will make that part of the world uninhabitable. Millions will die and it does not matter political or religious alignment. The science does not care.


So what else is new? The rump hung the Kurd’s out to dry to further his own elfish need.


Your son is wiser than anyone currently in government.


It could have been something as simple as getting tax breaks on the 2 trump hotels in Turkey along with other trump business perks. the rump is nothing if not greedy.