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Just Hours After Trump Bends to Erdoğan, Reports Indicate Turkey's Bombing of Syrian Kurds Has Begun

Apparently, Trump has stated on tape that he has a business conflict of interest in Turkey that would lead him to cater to Turkey’s wishes. It was said in 2015. He has hotels and other stuff there and is using his powers as president to enrich himself, as always.
That explains his bending over for Erdogan the butcher.


Kyle Kulinski and Jimmy Dore are great fun & are correct on many issues, but on impeachment and Russia, they take a stupid, contrary position that opposes the facts and downplays Trump’s criminality. It’s very puzzling.
Fortunately, Sam Seder’s show has openly explained why impeachment is necessary and good. Trump’s list of high crimes and misdemeanors is sky high.


I am suggesting that Erdogan and Putin have a few deals in the works. Putin to Trump is the ‘pull the plug’ message that caused our 50 US army soldiers to leave the area.
Secondly, just who benefits from mideast wars, threats, turmoils.
One hundred years ago it was the french and english. Today it is North America.
Mexico is state owned oil. both USA and Canada are heavily British. The pipelines through Michigan are Enbridge (canadian) and British Petrol and royal dutch shell are both London.

India and China get squeezed a bit by middle east disruptions. China purchasing natural gas from russia delivered by pipeline. WE had CNG contract cancelled and are trying to sell in Europe.

Turkey today is because the fighter jet to get erdogan arrived 20 minutes late, two years ago.


Wisdom and political power seem to be mutually exclusive in our land. Bernie has a bit of the old Gene Debs kind of radical wisdom. But you have to go back a ways to find more. Wayne Morse. Mike Mansfield. William O. Douglas.

Americans much prefer cleverness. Reagan, Clinton, Trump, so many others are all contemporary manifestations of Melville’s Confidence Man. We can get our wisdom from Hallmark.

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The elephant in the room is (I bet) that Erdogan cancels his missile order with Russia and buy the more expensive Patriot missiles.
Trump will do anything to be able to say he saved American jobs even at the expense of an extensive slaughter of the Kurds.
Once again he proves that an America under Trump cannot be trusted.


Hopefully, the more far sighted of the Syrian Kurds knew this was coming and have prepared for it.


The last line of the article.
This story has been updated to include new reporting and clarify claims and counter claims about Turkish airstrikes inside Syria.

I will clarify. The airstrikes were not inside Syria.


Certainly! We already know that Putin has plenty on Benedict Donald & used it many times to steer the Siberian Candidate into doing his bidding. There is also evidence that MBS has done the same; after all, he’s tight with Traitor Trump’s son-in-law. I assume Xi will do the same, & maybe already has or is working on it as we speak in response to the Orange Caligula’s call on China to investigate Biden.


The brick wall that we see in the end are the Alphabets of which you speak

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”
~ Frank Zappa

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Russian high officials are saying that Trukey is going to leave NATO. Erdogan is playing the US & Russia off against each other, and doing a good job.


Apparently in the bit of re-reading I have been doing on this there are well over 100,000 ISIS affiliated foreign people ( fighters, sympathizers, wives and children) in camps that the Kurds are ‘tending’.
They have been begging for years on now for the countries of origin of these people to take them back, try them or rehab them etc. and the countries of origin say no thanks. How should it be legal to allow these countries to evade responsibility for their citizens?? Insanity…
This enrages me… it’s a shame the Kurds do not have the money or means to have them smuggled them back ( mostly they are European) to Europe and let the smug West deal with their mess…
Sorry Kurds. Everyone hates you including the West. You should have your own nation of course but that is never going to happen because peace might break out in the areas in which you reside and we cannot have that…
I actually am in general agreement to get the hell out of Syria ( but an actual plan would be nice) but these people have got to be dealt with first and foremost. I am a reluctant Assad supporter as well because if he was properly handled from the get go he could keep his damn country together. You don’t have to like nasty dictators to see they have a place when the alternative is violent and exportable chaos… I would rather live in my intact home, go to my functioning business and a safe marketplace under a dickhead like Assad than a bombed out house , no job and my kid gets her leg blown off picking up veggies in the market… but that’s just me I guess…


At 7 pm, Monday, Oct.7
US News and World Report
says that a white house source says there is NO pullback or US army soldier leaving Syria.
At 9 am Tuesday morning, this abandon the Kurds matter is still lead story at MSNBC and CNN.

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Are you implying what the government said was going to happen is NOT going to happen? Did you think exit was instantaneous? Should the press not cover this story? Should there be zero speculation as to what will likely occur? What’s your damn problem?

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It’s really surprising that many people don’t get this----maybe it’s because I grew up in Massachusetts were the American Revolution started. And it was drilled in our heads that you protect the sovereignty of the country at all costs. THIS COUNTRY IS UNDER ATTACK. The Founding Fathers of this country warned about foreign influence----This is the number one reason to remove a president. Trump is inviting foreign powers to involve themselves in our elections-------He is shredding the Constitution right in front of our faces.

So Kulinski was saying yesterday that he is against impeachment-------just understand one thing- if the democrats were to follow Kulinski’s advice they would be DESTROYED at the polls------And pay attention to Dore-----because the message he is really sending is to elect republicans. Yea they are fun???but what are they selling???

Reported today 49% of the country supports CONVICTION!


Not so fast, BigB. Some of us told the Kurds exactly what would happen.

Like it has every other time.

We advised the Kurds to make a deal with Putin/Assad on their own and reintegrate peacefully into their former territory or across greater Syria – the US will not negotiate with Assad, the US will not honor agreements with the Kurds, that goes back waaaay before Trump. Kurdish blood has been on American hands repeatedly. We haven’t lifted a finger to protect Kurdish militants in Turkey…Because our national policy is to join Turkey in labeling them terrorists.

Now I’ll ask (as a peacenik Trump apologist, and yes, I support letting regional players sort this out instead of pretending we can police the Shi’ia Crescent forever to protect Israel – we sure as hell aren’t protecting the Kurds and never have) just what policy would you like Trump to pursue?


you display a comprehension problem.
simply posting a news report from 7pm eastern time, Monday Oct. 7, 2019.
no problem here with sharing a change in US plan at syria / turkey border.

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And what happened to Saddam when he was responsible for thousands of Kurd deaths?
Yup, a necktie party. Are we going to hop on the war mongers clown bus and be the reason for thousands more? That’s on trump this time. Will the punishment be the same?
Of course not, we are exceptional.
As far as troops all over the world, we made that bed and no one seems willing to change it. The here-to-for republicans are pissed only because this pull out will hurt the bottom line of the MIC.
Shoot, it’s always about the money isn’t it?


“Promise them anything, give them what they get, and fuck them if they can’t take a joke.”
– Kissinger to a staff member regarding the Kurds, 1975.

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Apparently there is a Trump Tower in Istanbul that Erdogan probably threatened to take down, or remove his name.

Add war criminal to Trump’s long list of transgressions.