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Just Hours After Trump Bends to Erdoğan, Reports Indicate Turkey's Bombing of Syrian Kurds Has Begun

There IS no change in plan so far… I have no idea what you are on about or why… maybe research more than one news site before you post wrong info…

Nixon, as commander in chief, ordered the navy quansets be removed along reflecting pool. Two years later, they were still there.
Are you good ole Pete Williams of NBC news?
Who took Chaffetz leak of Comey letter 11 days before 2016 prez election and ran with it for eight days.
Meanwhile, Newsweek had reported about five hours after the leak that all the emails in Weiners lap top were duplicates of those read montyhs before. So, Pete helped Trump win - and he still has a job. He appears daily as expert on any DC subject. Congrats on your poor work. The youngers know you as sleaze, government propagandist.

There are many news writers who do have skill, contacts. Ignore them so you can tag along onto any crap TV sends your way.

Very well said, my sentiments exactly.

I had forgotten, how sickening the real betrayal story is. This is a good summary:


“Covert action should not be confused with missionary work.” Kissinger, of course.


Turkey would never have attempted this were there still a strong central state in Syria. The US, Israel and the West have tried to disintegrate Syria and it now unable to defend its own territory. Turkey can operate freely inside Syria.

This stuff goes way back. See the disintegration of Poland in the 1700’s as an example. When such states see their Governments weaken and rebellions occur, stronger neighboring states move in to annex territory.

It is this constant meddling by the Western nations that leads to this never ending violence. For past examples look to how the bombing of Cambodia by the USA lead to the rise of the Khmer Rouge or how the removal of Qaddaffi from power lead to the total collapse of Libya and an ongoing refugee crisis.
The same people now decrying the fate of the Kurds were the very people who supported the removal of Assad from power and the weakening of the Syrian State,


I hear you. Kyle and Dore are so accurate on some topics.
Kyle for example has been pushing Bernie for years.
But on others, they seem to be Trump defenders.
I can’t figure those guys out.
But Dore is a hilarious comedian, and Sam Seder seems the most intelligent of the so-called progressive talkers on YouTube.

You might want to consider just how far Putin is willing to let Erdogan push.

Assad’s not in a position to fight Turkey. But Russia will not take kindly to a Turkish land grab, especially a land grab from one its client states playing host to a Russian naval port.

Everyone in the region is a frenemy.

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