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Just Hours Before Trump Unleashed More Racist Attacks at Rally, 137 House Democrats Joined GOP to Kill Articles of Impeachment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/18/just-hours-trump-unleashed-more-racist-attacks-rally-137-house-democrats-joined-gop


There are infants in the “immigrant detention centers” who have been separated from their parents all because of rump’s racism and bigotry. How much more illegal does a president have to be before democrats will do the right thing? Who is breastfeeding those babies? Who’s changing their diapers? This is child neglect and the president is responsible! Rump represents all that is wrong with America. And if these stupid cowardly democrats don’t do something about it, then that means America is a very immoral country through and through!


Comparing these moral-less cowards to a part of women’s anatomy is an insult to women’s anatomy.


Being a racist and a person in power in the US is as American as apple pie. But it seems that the corporate Dems don’t even care about the “optics” anymore…

Remember, the Democratic Party is not an “opposition party”; it’s a rival capitalist party. They’d like to be in power, but they serve most of the same bosses.


The ruling class does not care about them, or you or me, for that matter. They are all sociopaths - this is not hyperbole.


So Emperor Trumpicus Bonespuricus’ main 2020 campaign platform will be hate, racism and division, because it means more to his rabid disgusting followers than anything else.


Trump: “Those beautiful babies”, but not of the illegal immigrants but the babies of the Syrian terrorists.


And his opposition’s argument will be 'he’s not bad enough for us to remove, voters, do our job for us."


You got it.


You could say that Trump embodies much of what’s wrong with America. Making Trump the sole focus exonerates all of the other villains: the duopoly, corporate power, finance, etc. What is scarier than Trump? People masking over the real problem.


If I see one more comment from a brainwashed third-way minion about how “brilliant” and “knowledgeable” is Nancy Pelosi, I’ll puke. As for voting her out, you’ll have to move to San Francisco and out-vote her multi-millionaire supporters to do that.

I wish I knew what keeps these people from just joining the Republican party. I guess it’s just undying dedication to making sure that there is no meaningful opposition. By controlling both parties and convincing the brain-dead that rhetorical chatter pretending to be against, while voting for, is the same as resistance, they keep the corrupt system afloat and guarantee the demise of democracy.


The entire political system needs to be impeached, starting with Trump is a good beginning. Once it starts watching all the corrupt politicians and their purses rat each other out will be fun.


Know that the media is happy to call Republican support “centrist”.

CNN, MSNBC and FOX are propaganda tools to create the illusion that we have a “left” and “right” balance. These sites are more “right” and “far-right”. The DLC + Clintons have moved the Democratic party to the right.

Move left or wrap yourself in the stagnation of the status quo or worse. Appealing to Republicans has NEVER helped win elections… just the opposite. Ask “Single-payer will never, EVER come to pass” President Hillary.


Most of the people locked up by Trump (and Obama before him: Trump has still not deported as many as Obama did in the same time frame) are not “illegal immigrants,” they are legally seeking asylum, and are being subjected to this horror in order to discourage them and others who would follow from coming here. The message is clear: “You are not welcome, stay away. If you insist on coming anyway, expect to be treated like criminals.”



Those that voted against are not democrats. My blood runs cold thinking of who we are and what we are becoming. Those that voted against are King making. They are creating someone above the law. They will not impeach him for his crimes or his assaults against “we the people”. Never ever forget “we” are the Constitution. By “we” I mean everyone, everyone is included. “All of our shadows are the same”.


Point taken, although when I wrote that I was actually quoting Samantha Bee’s broadcast use of the exact same phrase to characterize Ivanka Trump. I guess I’ll let Ms. Bee own that phrase from now on. These Dems are now, in my opinion, feckless orangutan armpits. No, that insults orangutans. Let’s make it feckless hagfish slime. Hmm. Maybe just feckless?


Exactly. And it seems a majority have bought it, lock, stock, and barrel. FDR’s New Deal Democrats, the same as those who gave us a working middle class, unions, Social Security and Medicare, are now “fringe leftists” and it is the duty of a thinking voter to reject them for more and better predatory capitalism.

Screw that…


I was thinking cowardly mangy mongrels but not so sure about how mongrels feel about that. I’m so mixed race myself that I qualify as a human mongrel. So, there’s that too.


At this point, I’d take Nixon over rump. Nixon gave us the EPA, WIC, and got us out of Vietnam without clearly “winning the war”. A total leftist, defeatist, cowardly, job killing, anti-capitalist by today’s fringe extremist right winger standards. What the hell has happened to the right wing these days?


The idiot of orange has nothing! A soulless ignorant vapid cipher of corruption and contempt for others masquerading in human form.

No education or experience, no intelligence (except that lizard thing), no fundamental understanding, no empathy, and no common decency; only a vastly bloated vision of himself as ‘the greatest’ of all time. When Ali said that he had good cause, when the cretin says that it only exhibits his pathology.

He knows how to whip-up people that have been brainwashed to believe the same rot and lies he sells, or were taught since birth that racism and bigotry and ignorance are as American as apple pie.

What he is is a pathological habitual liar, hatemonger, racist of zero moral compass and integrity that is the most divisive and immoral thing to ever disgrace the office and oath he took. He has as much understanding of truth, the natural world, science, history as a rock.

. His MO of sowing dissension and hatred, coupled with his natural bent to lie and steal (his only attributes) make him the greatest threat facing America and the world at this critical time for the entire planet.

Too bad there is far too little opposition not in thrall to ‘the system’ and the hierarchy supporting vulture capitalism.

A tiny intellect, tiny soul, tiny mind, tiny ‘accomplishments’ in life and tiny hands ( I will not say ‘heart’ as he demonstrably has none) - he has nothing to offer others, America, or the world except his pathological arrogant vindictive ignorance - unfit for any position, especially leader of anything.