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Just How Many Times Are Establishment Democrats Willing to Make the Same Mistakes?


Just How Many Times Are Establishment Democrats Willing to Make the Same Mistakes?

John Atcheson

The Confederacy of Dunces is at it again. Having failed to learn the lessons of 2016, and hell bent on ignoring the lessons from 2018, they’re doubling down on the same strategy that put Trump in office. And the confederacy runs broad and deep.


It has been said many times, but bears repeating: The Democratic establishment would rather lose to Trump than win with a progressive candidate. The only important factor to them is to ensure that they can keep feeding at the corporate trough.


Before I even bothered a quick scan of this piece, I had my reply to the headline/title, ‘Just How Many Times Are Establishment Democrats Willing to Make the Same Mistakes?’

As long as it takes, pal . . . as effin’ long as it takes.

The question is poised as if the establishment dems might possibly think there’s a problem with how things are going. Flash to author: they don’t.

Think like Billy Boy Clinton . . . how you define the terms ‘victory’ and ‘defeat’.

Do they not already have their own victories, as secure positions in the duopoly, as corporate hacks, as they ignore the common good of our society?

Are they not already victors in the class struggle, between their elitist positions and those of the vast majority of our nation’s working middle class?


How many roads must a man walk down
Before you call him a man?
How many seas must a white dove sail
Before she sleeps in the sand?
Yes, ‘n’ how many times must the cannon balls fly
Before they’re forever banned?
The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind
The answer is blowin’ in the wind


Sad but true.  Unless by some huge miracle Main Street democrats are able to wrest control of the party away from the Wall Street DamnocRats currently in charge, we’ll be faced with deja vu all over again in 2020.  And unfortunately the two-party system – although not even mentioned in our Constitution – has become too deeply embedded in the national psyche, and even in some of the laws governing our elec­tions, to allow a viable third party to rise up without virtually guaranteeing the re-election of the Swamp Cesspool People to the pinnacles of power in Washington.


With the center-right champion, Joe Biden, on the verge of announcing his candidacy, the similarities between the upcoming election and 2016 are becoming more apparent. Biden will be the nominee. Establishment Democrats support for the oppression of Assange is sending a very clear message to any who may consider attempting to disclose the DNC’s rigging the primaries for Biden.


Bait-Oh, Biden, Booker & Buddy-Chick   =   Bought By Big Business


The author of the article was placing blame in the wrong place. All of the things he listed were in fact caused by republican greed, theft, and piss poor management.

The last item listed was about Hillary claiming that America was already great.
Maybe the plight of the average American was deteriorating, but I think her point was that we were at that moment still a patriotic people, yet not cozy with our lot in life.


Korporate Greed, you mean — NOT just RePoopLicken Greed.  The pro-Korporate DamnocRats – Hilliary, O’Bummer, P’Loser et al – are just as much to blame as the 'Poop-Lickens.  They’re just not quite as blatant about it.


As long as the billionaires and trillionaires are willing to pour money into their campaigns, and assure the votes in Congress and the Senate that they want.


Right now Bernie IS the revolution in it’s early stage. If stage one loses it’s pretty much over. Time to save your own hide and the ones you love.


Easy to determine if we look at voting records and lobby money accepted.

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Biden will not be the nominee.


Dims are perfectly happy sitting in the passenger seat of the Republican Clown Car.


Atcheson is worth a second read, or even a save-to-file. I keep looking for a tortured reasoning, a slip of the tongue, a softening of syntax, but found none. So thanks, John.


Nothing to disagree with here. There are other news items that bolster the author’s point such as the recent meetings sponsored by CAP to try to knock out Bernie before it is too late (thanks Mayor Pete for going to those - I’m sure you have our best interest in mind and will tell us all about what was discussed someday).

It is early, but what we really need to crush this “anyone but Sanders” movement is good polling data in every state of hypothetical match-ups between Trump and Sanders and Trump and the other major candidates. Sanders has done his own polling (e.g., https://www.nbcnews.com/card/sanders-releases-internal-poll-showing-lead-over-trump-pa-wi-n997281) but independent polling is gong to be more convincing. I did see https://emersonpolling.reportablenews.com/pr/wisconsin-2020-bernie-sanders-leads-democratic-field-trump-competitive-in-general-election and though this data is pre Fox town hall which I do believe gave Bernie a bump, it does lay out the type of info we need (but just for Wisconsin - we should have all 50 states too).

In this Emerson poll, Sanders (in Wisconsin) is the clear leader in the primary, but not the leader against Trump though the numbers could easily move if they haven’t already:

Biden over Trump: 54 to 46
Sanders over Trump 52 to 48
Warren over Trump 52 to 48
O’Rourke over Trump 51 to 49
Harris and Klobuchar even with Trump

The poll gives 3.5% margin of error.

Sanders numbers were higher (55 to 45) but I don’t know the margin of error.

Polls are hard because I know there are huge demographics that are going to be unreachable (hell, I never answer my phone anymore unless the number is in my address book). Though I intuitively feel Sanders is the candidate who can do the best against Trump, but of course he has to run the primary gauntlet and (most likely) the superdelegate gauntlet and to get through those, it would be good to be armed with polling data that he is objectively the most competitive in the general as I believe him to be.

(I won’t give up on Gabbard till at least after the first two debates, but she has to poll better then or I don’t see the point of her going much further)

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To answer the headline: For as long as people keep falling for it.

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It would incredibly enlightening if pollsters starting doing ranked-choice polling. I suspect the results would show Bernie in a commanding position.


Perhaps. That won’t stop establishment Democrats from undemocratically rigging the nomination process in his favor.


" Pelosi is so Washington-centric that she’s missed the fact that outside the beltway – where real voters live – the vast majority of Americans hold progressive views on an issue-by-issue basis."

Not just Washington-centric but wealthy-centric. Nancy Pelosi gains her power from fundraising. She’s wealthy herself and undoubtedly runs in wealthy circles (pun sorta intended). How do you raise so much money? By whispering sweet nothings in their ears. The wealthy elite of San Francisco and the Bay Area are liberal socially so she has no trouble promoting stuff like gay marriage. But when it comes to an unjust economic system, she is firmly on the side of not rocking the gravy train that’s pouring ever more riches into the hands of the few – her real constituents. And she will be blind to the train wreck that’s ahead.