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Just How Sensitive Was the Information Trump Reportedly Revealed to the Russians?


Just How Sensitive Was the Information Trump Reportedly Revealed to the Russians?

Jonathan Lee

Given Monday’s bombshell report by the Washington Post claiming President Donald Trump revealed classified information relating to the Islamic State to senior Russian officials visiting the White House, a brief explainer on levels of classification may be helpful to those unfamiliar with them. According to the press reporting, one U.S.


Great Distraction Article, from a 2015-2017 Dept. of Homeland Security Exec.

Think he's got an AGENDA?


I'm sorry, even were I to find appealing all of this boy's club schoolyard secret handshake nonsense, and even though I'm repulsed by the likes of Trump, I refuse to subscribe to the clearly profit-driven and mindless new cold-war agenda insisting on labeling Russia our mortal enemy.


The USA goes from very bad to worse. No good guys in sight.
Unless Trump actually did something to damage the USA War Machine PLEASE STFU

  1. Did the 'top secret info' have something to do with the part of ISIS we are supporting, or the part of ISIS we are fighting?
  2. Let's do to the orangubrat what we've done to Chelsea Manning the last 7 years!


The useless Democrats still blaming Hillary's loss on Russian meddling. It's old! AIPAC owns our government and politicians, including Trump, and they want more war. Everything else that the Republicans are doing to destroy the little fabric of a social democracy and the commons is being ignored. Pure distraction. If Trump is taken down with "a soft coup" we get Pence or Ryan--and then who?


What are we being distracted from?


What do you think Pence knew/knows and when did he know it?


So businessmen are keeping us from war with Russia? And businessmen are keeping us from war with China? Well, um, um,


"The father of ISIS" is the insult candidate Trump hurled at Obama, and it scored points for its concise effectiveness and basic truth.

Trump is in the political minefield that is the US-AIPAC alliance. While candidate Trump vowed to quickly destroy ISIS, now as president he cannot do it.

JFK sought rapprochement with Russia secretly in 1962-63, and it's documented in James Douglass' outstanding "JFK and the Unspeakable." It was a political minefield he didn't survive.

Trump inherits the campaign insult.