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'Just Let the Patriot Act Die You Cowards': House Lawmakers Urged to Vote Down Flawed Domestic Spy Bill

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/27/just-let-patriot-act-die-you-cowards-house-lawmakers-urged-vote-down-flawed-domestic


Yes, I’m sure the DINO complicit cowards will resist…snort, guffaw!

Their fear is palpable, frightened of being labeled this or that by “conservatives”, and the war machine, or catching a large ration of shite from their campaign contributor bribers, and corporate parasites! Integrity? Honor? moral compass? Not them, shaking in their fear!. Not to mention their (so-far) chosen “centrist” shill, Joe “credit card” Biden bragging he wrote the goddamn treasonous thing! The Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995, that became the PA. Only one of many betrayals from Biden!

The headline would read: PIGS FLY! Hell Freezes-Over! Entrenched DINO leadership actually stands for something!
Their overtly craven beings scream cowardice, complicity, and capitulation! Worthless lying pathetic shills for business as usual who’d rather support republicon and conservative nonsense, extrremism and vulture capitalist profits-above-all-else than the progressive, Independent left and once-upon-a-time values for the Common Good!


Who, who, who is on our side on this one? Let’s remember how fast it got rolled out after 9/11–sort of like it was in the cabinet all ready for release and all… Never let a crisis…


Pelosi says “hold my dove bar!”


Didn’t Biden author that bill?


The Dems are making the notion of LOTE voting a real toss up.


Biden co-authored the precursor to the Patriot Act, the Omnibus Counterterrorism Act of 1995.

He claims the Patriot Act is essential a copy of his bill. And he remains proud of it!

Why does anyone think congressional Democrats want to make the bill better ?

Why does anyone still think congressional Democrats want to make anything better?

Why does anyone still pretend congressional Democrats are better than congressional Republicans or that they’re on our side?

All the pretense is getting old.

Why do people still write this crap and why does anyone still swallow any of it?


Biden had a draft of it ready for 5 years waiting for a pretext.


Haven’t been to RS, HP or DU lately?
They swallow, and beg for more.

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I think HP = HuffPo. Haven’t gone there for years. It deteriorated rapidly once AOL purchased it.

I think RS = Raw Story. I’ve never been there. I went to Alternet for a long time and watched it decline. Some commentators said it was becoming more and more like Raw Story. I took that as advice not to go there. I haven’t.

What’s DU? (Sounds like I might not need to bother with it either.)

I like Caitlin Johnstone. I like Consortium News. I liked CD when I was a Bernie fan. But I’m no longer a Bernie guy and this place increasingly seems like just another corporate Democratic outlet.

I was shocked by Bernie. I truly expected more out of him. The notion that he’d sell out after a lifetime of apparently being on the right side is still hard for me to take. And poor AOC. She once wrote something like, in any reasonable country Biden and I wouldn’t be in the same political parry. Which is a stand-up-and-clap thing to say. And now she’s working for him!

The DNC/Democratic party must have essentially unimaginable power in order to manipulate people so readily. If so, it’s more reason to stay away from them.

If that means that Trump and the Republicans remain in charge, whose fault is that?


Stempy Whoreyer and Little Adam Schitts will push this thing through with the blessings of Nancy “Let Them Eat Icecream” Pelosi. The Progressive Carcass will rant and rave then vote yes. This thing is a done deal. Like the Minneapolis police, the House does whatever it wants to kill the 'murikan people because they have no fear of consequences.


The Democrats are EXACTLY the same as the Republicans when it comes to blaming everyone but themselves for their own actions. I actually despise the Democrats more now and refuse to vote for either of the two corporate oligarch parties that only serve their owners instead of the citizens. Voting for either party is tantamount to treason. There is no saving the USA now short of complete massive general strikes and boycotts. And even those actions are about 50 years too late at least.


DU Democratic Underground



The “Patriot Act” is illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed! Many of us have fought the endless efforts of the Oligarchy and their red and blue sock puppets to make it ever more intrusive. Its prototype was Hitler’s Enabling Acts which, with the stroke of a pen, took away all freedom and privacy from the German Citizenry. The People’s telephones, letters, telegrams, and even private conversations could be monitored, and if they did not favor the new Reich, the people could be shot or sent to a camp.
** As with the illegal, unconstitutional and misnamed "Patriot Act, the Enabling Acts were added to and soon it was illegal for a citizen to listen on the radio to any thing but the Nazi Propaganda Stations. It was also illegal for any citizen to broadcast anything. either one, if detected, could get you shot in the street. Mail and packages were opened, inspected, and if found questionable, the sender, and his family could wind up in a concentration camp. Soon, the SA could enter any home, ransack it and if anything Jewish was found, the family would be thrown out in the street and their possessions trashed. A great SA joke was to tell the family to get the hell out of there or they’d be sent to a camp, then when they started to run, they were shot down, “trying to escape.”
** This didn’t all happen in a day, but it began with the burning of the Reichstag building by the SS and blaming a Dutch carpenter, who was alleged to be a Communist, for the fire. The Reichstag fire was Germany’s 911. Within a day or two, the Enabling Acts were enacted and then expanded, with similar bills linked to it to further cancel German Civil Rights. Hitler cancelled workmen’s unions as communist cells. Retirement plans were cancelled and the money given back to the Junkers to use as they wished. The generals of the Wehrmacht were told they could rebuild the Wehrmacht with no restrictions. Hitler soon had the Wehrmacht and the Junkers supporting him 100%. Sort of like our fuehrer having the support of the military and Wall Street. The frightened people felt they had to go along to get along, and the rest, as they say, is history.
** When the Vietnam War was becoming a disaster, tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands demonstrated in the streets and mobbed the houses of government, demanding an end to the war, many demanding an end to all wars. Eventually it was ended, in Vietnam.
** However, the American Wehrmacht and the American Junkers of Wall Street, with the aid of our secret agencies like the CIA, NSA, and others saw that their billions and trillions of income was dwindling, so wars or threats were germinated and encouraged to grow, and the arms budgets grew and grew, and now peace is unthinkable. No profit there. Our fuehrer and his schutzstaffel just keep stirring the pot and putting their share of the loot in their own pockets.
** By all means, write or call your “representatives” and demand that our Enabling Acts be rescinded and our Constitution be taken out of mothballs and used for its purposes. Hundreds of thousands should be demonstrating and writing. Legislators should have a hard time getting into their offices due to the sacks of mail and the crowds of people in every office, every hallway.
** Wake up, People! We’re running out of time and opportunity. The monster of greed and lies is bound to do his “Poland.” Since he is enamored of nuclear weaponry, I fear he may well put an H-Bomb into some capital city that he doesn’t feel has shown him servile enough respect. The answer from many nations of the world may end up, eventually, with him in his own fuehrer bunker, perhaps eating a poisoned hamburger while watching his TV screens going blank and vainly trying to twitter into a blank screen.


Finally someone else with the courage to to call these people what they are. Cowards riding the
“Revolving Door” to personal riches at oue expense. But who are really the cowards? The American people are the cowards for tolerating ever more of this year after year. And some of us fools buy into the “just vote” and hope scam. Total bs it is. Voting!

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This is so they can use social media and “information gerrymandering” techniques to isolate computer selected groups in their own little walled gardens to minimize their reach. This is happening on a massive scale to suppress discussions and dissent. Its not unlike what they do in North Korea except its done virtually.

Neither the governments nor the corporations that own them - that they subcontract with should have this power. Because they are already abusing it.

Just as people should have the right to travel - even if they have to travel on privatized toll roads in the future, they should have a right to not go cashless, people should also have the right to speak without a corporate filter. But this right seems to already have been taken.

One example is how they have isolated information about things like the General Agreement on Trade in Services which trades away our right to regulate, ability to change all sorts of policy involving services, leading the entire country to falsely beleive we are still in the 1980s or very early 1990s before it existed, and pursue changes, like Medicare for All that were taken off the table, officially decided- in a treaty >20 years ago, (we decided to privatize healthcare, higher education, financial services, and dozens of other areas permanently, officially, in an ever increasing manner -but the people of the country never got the memo)
Also jobs, which are supposed to be globalized soon, starting with the public sector,

These unjustly isolated people do get to talk to (a tiny number of) other human beings, a small group of people similarrly bitter as themselves. (It used to be called Hellbanning) The idea is to maximize the minimization,

Some people are likely only allowed to speak to people pre-cleared to know whatever it is they are saying that TPTB want to have hidden. Slick, huh?

To hide facts there are a great many fake NGOS that are actually doing the opposite of what they say. Everything is backwards…

“Alice again enters a fantastical world, this time by climbing through a mirror into the world that she can see beyond it."

"There she finds that, just like a reflection, everything is reversed”
…and “walking away from something brings you towards it”

(Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll).


Please spread this far and wide. Skip

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There sure is a lot of urging going on lately. There was a time I would have “urged” Bernie to get back in the race. But that was when I was naive enough to think he legitimately cared about the “us” he ended up directing into the ditch; you know, the us who never even got the chance to vote for him because of the election fraud perpetrated by the unDemocratic party, of which, he is a complicit agent.
All these urgings, strongly worded letters, and theatrical rantings are only so much howling at the wind. A dangerous revolution, successfully castrated, again. Joe Biden, you better listen or we’ll, or we’ll…or,
well, we’ll just support you anyway.
What a bunch of chumps.


Sure, let’s rally people to people to contact Congressional reps. to vote down this tool of State repression. But, when this fails, as it does time after time, lets acknowledge that the US political systems in inherently structures to benefit the few at the expense of the many, and lets rally people to work for political structures that are truly democratic and directed to promoting human and environmental well being.