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Just Like in Iraq, Warns Venezuela's Maduro, US Wants to 'Get Hands on Our Oil'

Just Like in Iraq, Warns Venezuela's Maduro, US Wants to 'Get Hands on Our Oil'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Warning that U.S. military intervention could lead to a Vietnam War-style conflict, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has said that while he's willing to open talks with opposition leaders he will not bow to the demands of foreign "imperialists" and accused the U.S. government and other right-wing forces—like was done in Iraq and elsewhere—of trying to get their "hands on our oil."

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Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL)deja vu all over again from the profits and exploitation above all else trump regime (AKA the fossil-fuel planet rape regime) to steal yet another nation’s natural resources and “privatize” them to build wealth for the 1% and connected few!

Operation Venezuelan right-wing coup brings us back to US coups to depose democratically elected governments and install right-wing puppets (or support and arm dictators) in Chile, Nicaragua, Honduras, Cuba, Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Panama and the infamous School of the America’s right-wing training facility to train dictators and death squads.

Its more than time the people of Latin America rose-up together united to throw the colonialist entity, their local betrayers, and corporate land-thieves out for good! Viva La Revolution!


This pressure on Venezuela didn’t start with tRump’s election its been part of our foreign policy for years.I don’t know what Chavez did that angers our politicians ,I don’t recall him flying some planes into buildings, that one of our allies.


He tried to look out for the welfare of the People, that’s what.


Of course it about the oil and getting US Corporations back in there. Bolton said as much openly on Fox news.


We’re looking at the oil assets,” Bolton said. “That’s the single most important income stream to the government of Venezuela. We’re looking at what to do to that.”

“We’re in conversation with major American companies now,” he continued. “I think we’re trying to get to the same end result here.”

“It will make a big difference to the United States economically if we could have American oil companies really invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela,” Bolton admitted.

He acknowledges Oil the single largest stream of income to the Government (thus people) of Venezuela and then says he wants US Corporations to have that revenue stream instead. 80 percent of the shares in all US Corporations are owned by the one percent so we can see who the real master is here.

He is a fucking thief and speaks for a Government of fucking thiefs on the behalf of the 1 percent “Investor class” that are fucking thieves and these guys whine that “taxes are stealing”.

If you want another example of how these thieves work look to France. An Italian member of Governmnet recently pointed out that the French economy would rank number 15 if it were not for the fact they still extract hundreds of billions a dollars a year from their ex French Colonies in Africa. He suggested that if the peoples of Africa allowed to keep that money there would be less need for them to migrate to other Countries.

Apply that reasoning to Central America. As far as I am concerned if those migrants to the USA a drain on resources as claimed by the right wing , then it money that is owed to them. The problem is it not the one percent that is paying it.


Emphyrio, what you say is true, but aren’t you leaving out the fact that the military and a good percentage of the population in those countries are co-conspirators?
The “people” in many of those countries behave, in a way, like the Trumpian trash of the United States - they side with those who will make their lives miserable.
Not all countries lose out with right-wing governments. The ultimate outcome depends on the cultural profile of each population. Chile, for example, has reached an enviable state of development (by some measures second only to Canada in the hemisphere). The reason is the Chilean culture has an ingrained obsession with education, which has raised their standard of living dramatically.
Honduras and Guatemala, on the other hand, will do miserably badly no matter what kind of ideology they are under - their cultures haven’t encoded the appropriate traits. The same goes for Venezuela. They’ll do poorly and continue to depend on oil long after Maduro is gone.

Wait, you mean a sovereign country wants to determine it’s own future and control it’s resources?
Well who would have thought that.


And ALL of it ignores the impact of burning fossil fuels on the livability of the planet!


I will say this one last time, for the people that want to attack Venezuela and justify this; how do we support what has happened in Venezuela’s neighbor, Colombia, then use the logic we are using to intervene in Venezuela? Colombia has among the highest number of internally displaced people in the world, up there with Iraq, to give you an idea on the scale of the displacement. The displacement is almost entirely because of capitalists and violence by right wing death squads. Our own State Department has admitted the dozens of indigenous groups have disappeared in the country because of violent land grabs, and more are threatened. Colombia is the deadliest place in the world for union organizers, among the deadliest places for journalists and human rights workers. Thousands of politicians and activists on the left have been killed in recent decades, and over 80 priests have been killed since the 1980’s because they dare speak up for the poor. The country is in more need of land reform, according to the UN, than any country in the region, and its democracy is a corrupt two party system that is dominated by drug cartels and death squads. That is not an empty accusation. Their recent right wing president, Uribe, was named by our own DEA as one of the worst politicians in the government in the early 1990’s as far as connections to the drug cartels. Evidence has come out that hits were planned with death squads on his ranch, and his family has close ties to death squads too. And I could go on. Colombian paramilitaries have been causing chaos in Venezuela for decades now, and recently attempted an assassination against the Venezuelan president. As of just a few years ago, millions of Colombians were living in Venezuela because of the violence in Colombia, and CIA data shows that people have been fleeing Colombia in large numbers for years. Until recently, far more than Venezuela. We support THAT, we have given Colombia more aid than any country in the world (outside of Egypt and Israel) , Colombia is an ally of ours in this fight against Venezuela, and we pretend to want to intervene in Venezuela in order to protect democracy and human rights. It’s fucking absurd.

Maduro himself has not run things well, there are issues with corruption, real issues. He has not responded well to the extreme economic war against Venezuela. But, then again, I say this sitting comfortably in California. The truth is that we have been waging a decades long war against the country. We have supported coups, we have used the NED, the CIA and USAID (as well as private organizations that get money from these organizations, like the Atlas Network) to support outright fascist elements in the country, we have cut off needed imports and access to foreign capital, we have frozen assets, stolen gold, barred creditors from re-negotiating with the government too. Right wing interests that are opposed to Maduro control key markets, and makes products that working people need, and they have made it clear that they want to cut back production of things so as to cause harm. They have. Corruption is an issue, with Maduro too, but it isn’t just him. We know that the opposition has set up hundreds of companies that have stolen state subsidized goods and sold them in places like Colombia. And this in a country that already had massive problems before Chavez was elected. Its economy is imploding, and it isn’t entirely the US’s fault, some of it lies with the government, some problems are decades in the making, some problems Venezuela shares with other developing countries and other oil producing countries, but no developing country in the world (outside of maybe China) could withstand this massive pressure and not eventually collapse.

But if it is okay to intervene in another country in order to defend human rights and democracy, when are we to be invaded? Anyone want to deny the massive problems in this corrupt political system, and our country’s human rights record, here and abroad? Stop making this worse, stop interfering in the internal workings of the country, stop supporting fascist elements. Not tons to ask. If we had a responsible government, we wouldn’t be trying to steal its oil, we would be working on plans as far as keeping the damn oil in the ground, and not having it spit up into the atmosphere. We would pay them to do so, because the market is missing the negative environmental impacts of that oil.


True, but the problem with Maduro’s corruption is Maduro refuses to be Washington’s… corrupt, quisling.


The sad part is the sons and daughters of the poor die or come back traumatized and mentally ill, poor and homeless after slaughtering millions of innocent people only to further enrich the 1%.
When are we the people going to finally put a stop to this wicked US oil empire?


Columbia, oh i recall the wars and the drug cartels and the Bush family drug ties to Columbia.

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Just wanted to add that the ironic thing in all of this is that if the right wing were to take over and do exactly what this government has been doing, the economic situation would improve. It would improve because Venezuela would get needed medicines and imports, it would have its assets freed, it could start to being negotiations with creditors (hopefully not the damn IMF), it could get its stolen gold back. The right wing elements in the country that have intentionally cut back production of basic goods and have been working to undermine the government would start producing again. So, if everything else stayed as is, it would still have major problems, but its economy would improve from just not being under siege. And to the extent that the improvement was due to us laying off, the right would take credit and try to make it seem that all economic improvements are a result of their crappy policies. Anyone trust that the media and the right would realize this and point it out? Me either.

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Agreed. Our government doesn’t care about corruption, how many of those in government are rich in large part because of corruption? How many allies of ours, as determined by assholes in government, are corrupt? But corruption is an issue in and of itself, and it is a valid critique of Maduro. Of course, when we talk about corruption in Venezuela, the media likes to pretend that Maduro and those close to him are alone in this, which is just ridiculous nonsense. Ridiculous because of what the right wing continues to do, and ridiculous because the right in Venezuela largely got rich in the first place because of corruption.


Bush gave Uribe a freaking Presidential Medal of Freedom. Among the left at the time, it was a scandalous thing to do, and Uribe lobbied strongly against the peace agreement with the FARC.


Wow unbelieviable

Read Abbey Martin, she’s been on the ground several times. She can confirm the peoples thoughts and who they say is the problem.


Under Chavez the numbers of peoples in poverty dropped from 54 percent of all households to 26 percent of all households. Extreme poverty dropped by over 70 percent. This was after Oil resources nationalized and the revenues sent to the people. When it became obvious how well this working the USA started to impose sanctions and started to destabilize the Country. Just as with Russia , the US felt that crashing the price of oil by ramping up their own production and encouraging the Saudi’s to do the same , would crash the price of oil which in turn would depress the economies of those two Countries. It worked with Venezuela but not so much with Russia.

There a segment of the population in Venezuela that benefited from that poverty prior to Chavez just as the Batista supporters benefited before Castro took over. This group were upper middle class and would send their children abroad for their education. This group resented the poor being uplifted and form the nucleus of that opposition to Maduro.


Was it just me, or did anybody else notice a threatening tone in Pence’s slogan “Estamos con ustedes” utterance? You want satire? Say “Estamos con ustedes” in Darth Vader voice.


I stood on the street corner that the mayor allowed to use, every Saturday, in the cold, holding our signs in 2002-3 run up to our invasion of Iraq. My homemade sign said: “No blood for oil.”
I guess I’ll have to find it or make a new one. With my feet neuropathy I don’t feel the cold as much, so maybe it’s the street corner for me again.

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