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Just Like Trump, Media Outlets Rarely Label Far-Right Attacks 'Terrorism': Study


Just Like Trump, Media Outlets Rarely Label Far-Right Attacks 'Terrorism': Study

Julia Conley, staff writer

A new study shows that media outlets frequently echo the instinct of political leaders like President Donald Trump when they refuse to label the violence of far-right assailants as "terrorism" while showing significantly less reluctance if an attack was carried out by an Islamic extremist.

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Most media is owned by white Republicans. Why would they want to enrage their own kind?



Neither are military operations labeled “terrorism.” Instead, we call it a “doctrine” of “shock and awe.” Did you know that most dictionaries include, in their definitions of the words “shock” and “awe,” the word “terror.” Shock, awe, terror… All the same. Just because a person wears a state uniform doesn’t mean he or she is not a terrorist.



Is Jacinda Ardern the only rational and sane leader in this world? She is inspirational, courageous, and the exact opposite of what the “so called” leader of this country.

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Lamestreet media needs to be brought to our knees along with politicians who sold all are airwaves to a few millionaires not billionaires. Thanks I think Carter start some of it, Reagan continued the sell out and so did Clinton and FCC Chair man has taken away our net neutraility and the fight is no and hopefully we can get it back.

We need to take back our airwaves and march on these media robber barons robbing of the information we need and want.



This can not come as anything but an “of course” kind of postulation. There is no secret organization controlling the media. We all know that the media is no longer owned and operated by men and women concerned with the truth but by corporations interested in selling advertising space.
Just look at the pages of our brand new Social Media sites and note that some, like the Huff Po, hide their advertisings as part of the current events display. The right has long had a very close connection to the gun lobby which in turn would quash all mention of the misuse of firearms in public spaces and domestic disputes. The right has always supported the aggregation of great wealth as it works to their own benefit to have a cozy relationship with stupendous bank accounts. How can anyone trust a political figure that receives great sums of money from agencies who profit from destructive efforts? We all end up paying the price for foul air and water yet the very organizations that are tasked with keeping these very basic needs healthy are under direct attack by incompetent or hostile management and budget cuts.
We are all, each and every one of us, responsible for the huge problems we face in the near and not so distant future. We have allowed great wealth to take over Our government and without a huge surge in participation in the upcoming election cycle we will have very little chance for a bright future. It never fails, great wealth, like a horse with blinders, is only concerned with the goal, which is more wealth. It has ever been thus, the end result can only be a catastrophe!