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Just One Week After Trump Rolled Back Safety Measures, Chemical Plant Explosion Rocks Texas Town

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/27/just-one-week-after-trump-rolled-back-safety-measures-chemical-plant-explosion-rocks

Isn’t it great to know that we get the dirty air either way. I wonder if any insurance money is involved here. Then there are the lobbyists who pressed for less regulation. What a country.


Hey, kids, let’s start a GoFundMe campaign to build a chem plant next door to Mal y Loco! Then see how fast those pesky rules get reinstated!


FYI, Port Neches is EAST, not West, of Houston.

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The violations this Company committed to various pieces of legislation goes back many years and were more than just one. This suggests that the fines and penalties in place even before Trumps rollback were not having any impact on how the Company operated.

The Presidents response is “they make no difference anyways so lets just drop the regulations”.

If a poor guy steals a slice of pizza because he is hungry and had “two strikes” against him due to previous crimes, he can be sent to jail for life. If a Company violates the law over and over again they just repeal the Legislation to make what was illegal legal.

This is called a being a “Democracy”.


Why hasn’t this plant been closed down? I mean, at least twelve violations and…bubkas? After the second violation, it should have closed and the owners prosecuted. But, no, jobs, baby, jobs. And fuck Gaia, literally.


Follow the money.


I watched the news coverage on this. Company representative was quick to reassure the public that all was well. No chemicals in the air according to their testing. The companies will never admit to chemicals unless independent testing is done. They admit to the toxins they have released on the public only after independent testing. They told the people to shelter in place around the plant. There windows and doors were blown out so they obviously could not do this. The companies love the new safety measure changes.


The so-called “rolling back” of the Clean Air Act (and others) violates the Presentment clause of the US Constitution, and is yet another impeachable offense committed by DT.


Welcome to Texas. And Oklahoma. And West Virginia. And Utah.

Hell, welcome to the USA.


Absolutely correct. The companies never admit to the toxic chemicals. NO matter how big the fire, and the plume of smoke. NO matter that they work with, and are processing known human carcinogens. It takes independent testing and then they admit but very reluctantly to the toxins. By then the public that believes them has already had a significant exposure.


That’s not true, we don’t get pollution either way. We get dirty water from a lack of regulations preventing it or from a lack of the enforcement by design or by a lack of monitoring to identify it. These are all deregulation techniques used by industry funded politicians.
The tides in Florida that killed scores of sea-life that made the beaches unsafe to swim in dead zones occurred because of Rick Scott’s destruction of clean water policies. He received payouts from the sugar industry and then quit regulating them.


As the market for consumers burning fossil fuels dries up, the nation and the world are greenlighting the market for consumers buying an ever greater percentage of fossil fuel products that will either be burned after one use or will be buried and eventually transformed into greenhouse gases.

The output product here is most likely synthetic rubber. I expect that a long trail of petrochemical or natural gas reactions created all of the carcinogenic air released by this place.

We need to boycott more consumer climate emergency products.

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And that bright light and saucer shaped thing in the sky was actually a swamp gas weather balloon.

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If this makes you mad consider that people could have had all the benefits we think we get from the fossil fuel petrochemical industries without the mess or pollution and danger. Henry Ford, George Washington Carver and others over more than a century have shown that everything made from fossil fuels, ancient plant matter, could have been and still can be made from recent plant matter. In other words the CO2 and water are taken from the air made into carbohydrates yesterday and can be burned or processed and the CO2 and water is returned to the air tomorrow with little to no pollution. The first source of butadiene was alcohol not petroleum.
This well made, informative and entertaining video is the best explanation yet of why the world is where it is. It is not our fault.


Not true? We get the polluted air if we don’t regulate. AND we get dirty air when it is regulated poorly or dishonestly. In any case point taken.

You’re absolutely correct. With regard to lack of enforcement, there are several ways the toadies in state agencies go about doing this for their governors and the industry leaders they serve. Then, with their metrics and propaganda they make (at least some of) the public believe they are being protected and the agencies are doing what the taxpayers pay them to do.


In the late 90’s, I spent about five years, off and on, traveling to Port Arthur for environmental work at one of the refineries within a few miles of the exploding plant. The trip from Houston to Beaumont is pretty ugly; the trip from Beaumont to Port Arthur utterly depressing. Here a chem plant, there a prison; here a refinery, there a chem plant; and, wait! … another prison?? The poverty in Port Arthur was stunning juxtaposed against facilities generating extraordinary wealth for a few. It’s ground zero (one among many) for environmental injustice, one of many stinking industrial orifices into the Gulf of Mexico.


I hope your time and environmental efforts there were productive and rewarding. Doing environmental work there had to be frustrating. As bad (I believe) as the enforcement of environmental regulations was then, in many states (and federally, of course), we have moved and continue to move so far backward. It’s frightening.

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