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'Just Reciting White Nationalist Talking Points': Trump Immigration Chief Says Statue of Liberty Poem Only About Europeans

“And to the Republic, for which it stands” seems to be open to interpretation. What does the Republic stand for? Electing republicans to become ‘individualist’ deciders? Electing democrats to represent whomever funds their campaigns and/or receives exorbitant government contracts? Trickle down economics?

Wellan –

I’m originally a New Yorker so I very well understand how one of the greatest
cities provided real living adventure for its citizens – and real freedom –
If you were confined in anyway it wasn’t by the city, it was by mistaken choice.
And it was a city which still provided the protections of the New Deal.

The suburbs are death – and I have nightmares of my body and my car becoming one.

In your question as what is to be gained – remember that one of the basic purposes
the suburbs served was to deny the rulings of Brown vs Board of Education in
de-segregating public schools. NJ is notorious for having done that – worse than ever here.

At the moment, they are moving in Church schools under “Charter School” regulations and
stealing money from public education which is destroying it.

How often have our newspapers made clear to citizens that they pay higher property
taxes in the suburbs because of the money taken from public education by our “Christian”
officials in Congress who continue to move it into the hands of corporations with less
support for our states, cities and towns - and ultimately with less available for the public
schools. The towns understand the attraction of our public schools for buyers of homes;
thus they raise property taxes in order to continue to support those public schools.

At this point, I’ll make clear to you that neither my daughter here, nor my sister in Ireland
will travel by plane because of the policies of our government and lack of inspections/
regulations – searches, etal. Boston still has some public transportation but it is certainly
under widespread attack.

And how many times do any of us cross a bridge these days without wondering what
condition it’s in and when it might fall?

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I came to this very point in this discussion, thinking if most or Europe had historically been creators of empires and conquest, what was everyone else doing? Well, there are some examples but I think you might mean by current standards and solely based on race. What about the Moors invasion of Britton in 1066? Or was that considered strictly a religious war?

And then there is Genghis Kahn

Miv –

Beautiful – !! Thank you!!

The FBI/Hoover was very anxious to use all he could to move African Americans
here to war on whites. And he tried it many, many times and never succeeded.

And, of course, there were many attempts by “whites” in attacks on high scucessful
and thriving black towns in the nation which might have caused that to happen –
but it didn’t thanks to the intelligence of the African-American.

Greenwich. I’m in Portland Oregon - the NYC of the West Coast - where the planning philosophy of New Urbanism, mixed-use, transit-oriented development (TOD) had its beginnings and is sometimes called (metropolitan area) Regionalism whereby light rail evolved as an anti-commute system. Most suburbs are single-use housing compounds that wouldn’t survive without horrible traffic during commute hours and as unbearably the rest of the time. The only fix I see is redevelopment to add complementary ‘mixed-uses’ by which more needs can be met closer to suburban home within reasonable distances. Though it take decades to redevelop, suburban residents may in theory no longer need to commute.

Well Fern, thank you, from out of the darkness to you, thank you. You know I have this desire to move mountains and I try to keep in mind what Gandhi says about silence and what the Dalai Lama says about patience but damn, I’m still a white man in America :)))

You are welcome Ditton. If this helps I see you as an illuminating swirl of colorful male energy. :-)))

This is a big kick to my ego seeing as how my being is in such disrepair. Currently I’m rather ill taking nasty antibiotic’s and steroids so my illuminating must read a slow glow dark blue at best :))) LOL What a kick Fern, whata kick.

Wellan –

I don’t think we have time for new plans of redevelopment –
in fact I’m looking at “redevelopment” here in NJ as a real threat to citizens
because of flooding possibilities increasing every day.
Many of these towns have had to put a lot of effort into correcting areas that
tended to flood over past decades.

But the laptop – and “working from home” may actually do what you’re suggesting.

Basically, I think that Capitalism has actually brought us to our suicidal end.

I’m fighting with myself every day actually about plastic as it accumulates in my
own household – it’s frightening – and we don’t seem able to stop ourselves.

Especially in regard to WATER – every day citizens become more frightened of
their tap water. And I’m among them! The filters and systems to clean water aren’t working.
Imagine that when I grew up on NYC water which was delicious!

I do see things getting worse, as do you and most everyone else.

Redevelopment would tear down some redundant uses to leave more land in its natural state.

I don’t buy anything that comes packaged in hard plastic. I have a PUR filter on my kitchen sink faucet.

It’s important to hold out some hope including ideas for slowing and reversing the course to a dead end.

I watched “Tolkien” last night. Nickolas Hoult once again masters a role. Fantastic. Romance, friendship,

recovery from the nightmare of war.

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There is something for you at the bottom of my front page.

That was beautiful and very moving Ditton. Thank you very much.

Go Forward With Courage

When you are in doubt, be still, and wait;
when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage.
So long as mists envelop you, be still;
be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists
– as it surely will.
Then act with courage.

Ponca Chief White Eagle (1800’s to 1914)

I listen to Jeff a lot and we exchange emails once in a while, that is by far his best song, you are very welcome.

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Yep, I get the vapor’s…I am not sure whether I act on courage or desperation, but act I must, I am driven for some unholy reason. Thanks, I think I’ll repost it :-)))

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On my music page there are some 50+ songs free from ad’s :-)))

“I don’t buy anything that comes packaged in hard plastic. I have a PUR filter on my kitchen sink faucet.”

Have you done a test for what pollutants get through that filter? Newark, New Jersey recently found that two of the three types of filters they were handing out due to lead in their city water let too much lead get through.

The Trump team wants war in Central and South America. Trump’s wall is to detect and slow down a predictable armed invasion. Securing Caracas oil comes at a price.