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'Just... Tax the Rich' to Avoid Austerity, Patriotic Millionaires Tells NY Gov. Cuomo After Mayor de Blasio Cuts City Spending

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/just-tax-rich-avoid-austerity-patriotic-millionaires-tells-ny-gov-cuomo-after-mayor


Cuomo is a Wall Street democrat, and that means republican light. As NYS AG he could have investigated, indicted, prosecuted, and imprisoned Wall Street crash banksters (like mnuchin), and didn’t. Now as Governor he could raise their taxes and won’t. Makes me think that he’s weighing a future run for prez.


With democrats like these…


Think BIG Cuomo----------the same with idiot Newsom-------Create a state Bank---------and–take all that wasted money on the police and move it to COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE CENTERS! Tell the police Union that you will be cutting their pensions.


de Blasio is demonstrating the corporate take over of our society-he is showing us that he is only another corporate stooge doing the bidding of the rich while letting the people rot from the neglect of his government–this is being done for the benefit of the corporations and their owners calling the tunes with their bribes–can you say CORRUPT

Austerity Programs are Upon us. Government spending at all levels for social programs is being cut and will be cut. Social security, Medicare, Medicaid are on the chopping block, while Military Spend ($750Billion, more likely well over $1 Trillion) is on the rise… If the Rich want to protect “their” money they had best give away most of it… For the system is collapsing and they will fall with the rest of us… “We are all in it together”…so true a sinking ship takes all down with it"… Search: “The Coming Financial Storms” to help you prepare and adapt to the new reality. Live Local-Work Local- Local Security