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'Just To Be Clear,' Say Groups, 'If Trump Fires Rosenstein That Absolutely Triggers the Nationwide Protests'


'Just To Be Clear,' Say Groups, 'If Trump Fires Rosenstein That Absolutely Triggers the Nationwide Protests'

Julia Conley, staff writer

Progressive activists are warning the more than 300,000 Americans who have pledged to take to the streets if President Donald Trump fires Special Counsel Mueller, that a dismissal of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein would result those same planned demonstrations.


“In our country the central principle of the constitution is, no person is above the law,” said Eisen."

That might be the biggest fucking joke I’ve heard all year so far!!!
Talk is ALWAYS cheap in this corrupt fascist country!


From the article: “In our country the central principle of the constitution is, no person is above the law,” said Eisen."

However, the central reality of our lives is that we have a 3-tier “Justice” system.

I wouldn’t walk across the street to join a protest about Trump firing someone. But I’ll drive a long way to join a march against attacking Syria. Let me know when stopping the wars becomes a progressive goal again.


I’m with you on this. Progressives should start protesting again now that Trump is in office. They should have also been protesting when Ehud Barack Obama was POTUS. Obama refused to close Gitmo, end the war in Afghanistan, end the war in Iraq onl;y to restart it plus a war in Syria and to end the Patriot Act. He was elected to bring “hope & change” but brought us more of the same. Current and former politicians & their administrations are above the law since they’ll never be prosecuted for war crimes. They’ll only die with guilty consciences.


So what do you propose to do about it? Will you even bother to protest, or will you sit by and do nothing but post comments on the internet?


i guess it is just to much to hope for that anyone can stay on topic. Nice try though, economagic.


I’m sorry to see that you seem not to grasp the connection between unconstitutional obstruction of justice and unconstitutional war. Hint: It is the Constitution itself, flawed as it was and has become, that we are defending, not any particular Bush (sic) league despot. If the Supreme Law of the Land is not the law in too many situations, it becomes null and void in all situations.

I still recommend Yale Historian Timothy Snyder’s little book, On Tyranny, published last year to remind us how tyrants seize power. In most cases we cede it to them little by little.


Thank You for clarifying things that matter.


Stopping a criminal President that has the power to annihilate us all because of his mental illness, Trumps pretty much everything else right now.


Don’t think protests work? Look a what the women’s protest did to Harvey Weinstein.


Totally agree. He needs to be gone, then we go on from there.


This is an indictment of just how shallow protest organizers have become. I don’t see ANY attempt to organize protests to kick off should Trump attack Syria militarily, again, which would be not only a constitutional crisis, but a humanitarian one as well. I guess the only humans who matter to these organizers are political party leaders.
And I’m getting pretty fed up with CommonDreams slanting its stories’ content and numbers toward these “all about us” organizations. Throw an anti-war rally and I’ll be there, but this is just pathetic.


“They’ll only die with guilty consciences.”
Really? Don’t think so. If they had any resemblance of a conscience they wouldn’t have manifested the behavior in the first place. So I guess they will have a 2 second enlightenment when they don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel or maybe they can have a Lee Atwater moment?


Ok. as I post this it is a Friday, early evening here in the upper midwest and typically, nefarious announcements are known to occur on a Friday…so…
…we received nuz of Libby’s pardon which is bizarre and apparently is sending a big fat lighted signal to those under Mueller’s microscope.
Is a firing coming today? re Rosenstein. Sessions?
Is an attack on Syria happening?
What a ginormous pile of clusterfckery.


Absolutely there has to be massive protests with screaming and yelling, but don’t expect it to bring Rosenstein back. Drumpf knows full well that if the investigation continues, his azz is grazz. He’s caught between that famous rock and hard place, also devil and deep blue sea, and his only chance is to stop the investigation. He’ll take the blowback from firing Rosenstein and Mueller as being less of a problem than allowing the investigation to go to its end.


You don’t know me you asshole! Don’t get smug with people who have gone to FUCKING JAIL for protesting!!!


Quite right–I know you only through your comments here. I salute your past dedication. In the present you often sound merely bitter and cynical–and a bit smug to boot. Bitterness and cynicism are easy to understand, especially if you’ve been protesting as long as I have in whatever ways and to whatever degrees, but they don’t move us forward.


Well then, why don’t YOU become the leader that is desperately needed and move us forward?


You don’t know me either. I have no talent for leadership whatsoever. If I say, “C’mon men, follow me! Shoulder to shoulder, and bolder, etc.,” I turn around and one guy is saying “Let’s go get us some beer,” and another is saying, “Come with me; let’s get us some wimmin,” with some following each one, etc. I know my talents and skills, I have plenty of both, and leadership (especially for anything outside my “skill set”) is not among them. And I have yet to see a “Leadership Development” course that was anything but Bullying 101, or occasionally 102, often thinly disguised.

But I could ask you the same question: Why are you not leading, or if you are, WHAT are you leading?


Protests don’t matter to the monsters in control. Massive general strikes and boycotts (especially national elections) have been needed for years in the USA. It’s a bit too late now methinks. Trump openly declared pardons are in the offering for anyone who lies and breaks the law as he did with Libby. No one in Congress will step up to this lawlessness. They in fact support it. Fuck the USA.