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Just Weeks After Matthew, Global Community Has Forgotten Haiti


Just Weeks After Matthew, Global Community Has Forgotten Haiti

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The international community has forgotten about Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew, and immediate aid has dwindled to an insufficient long-term response as the island nation faces a new cholera epidemic amid recovery efforts, a broad spectrum of officials are warning.


The Clinton's and ilk, should have to give back every cent they robbed from the Haitians, that would be a good start in helping with this recovery!


The paucity of comments to this article is pathetic.

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Most of those "hundreds of millions" Gieven to Haiti did not make it to the people of Haiti. The money found its way into the pockets of the profiteers and groups and individuals that take advanatge of such disasters to line thier own pockets.

80 percent and more of monies various charities receive can end up in the pockets of its directors , its staff and outside "consultant fees" paid to private industry. 10s of millions is seen as revenue to private Corporations that provide the cleanup gear, tents and the like at an inflated price. From the billions received by the Red cross for that last disaster , only a handful of homes were every built and much of the money is not accounted for.

The Clinton Foundation did tremendously well off that disaster.


How did the Clinton's rob money from the Haitians?

I ask this question in ignorant good faith - I belong to a progressive caucus of NYC's United Federation of Teachers - the Movement of Rank and File Educators (MORE), and just contributed to the editing of a piece on condescending and negative representations of Haiti by the western press by a teacher of Haitian origin in NYC. (The MORE newsletter with the article will be out in...days, I believe - you can easily google the earlier online version, although the earlier piece was edited to focus on one-sided representations of Haiti.)

Despite contributing to the edit, I am ignorant - would have ignored this article had I not just dealt w/the topic.


Has such an editorial been picked up by mainstream news...to alert the vast majority of U.S. news readers? Or is a marginal U.S. progressive press its first and last airing?


Suspira, I'm progressive and, accidentally, tangentially involved w/this question, as I've posted on this thread.

But, speaking as a progressive and as...any individual engaged with media, you should have a source, a link, an authority for a statement like that. How else will good people be informed and persuaded? Unless you expect everyone to just agree w/you because we're-all-progressive-here-so-would-I-say-it-if-it-wasn't-true?

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