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'Just What the Doctor Ordered': Bill Would Protect Whistleblowers Who Sound Alarm Over Abuse of Covid-19 Relief Funds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/16/just-what-doctor-ordered-bill-would-protect-whistleblowers-who-sound-alarm-over

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This particularly welcome report by Common Dreams Eoin Higgins nevertheless lacks a recap of what our legislators with the power of the purse put in place to condition those hundreds of billions of dollars of tax-payer give-aways almost all directly benefiting the Corporate Caliphate business model and saving from collapse its pandemically locked-down in suspended animation bottom line that preys on a rentier and consumer based economy.

Indirectly this stimulus package is dwarfed by the Stimulus Funds going directly to the corporate person-hood already such a controversial and yet legally privileged and protected legal fiction that can often reside in nothing more spacious than a leased PO Box in a legal fiction postage stamp-scaled state created for corporate secrecy and pass-through business chartering. Such as, say, the State of Delaware, home state and patronage anchor of the political career of leading Democratic Presidential candidate and our previous two presidential administrations’ Vice President, Joe Biden.

The distribution of funds intended for coronavirus relief to those tax-payers bearing the brunt of and facing dispossession due to the Great Depression exceeding job losses attendant to the pandemic.

To understand the cravenness of such massive disbursal of Public Trust funds in federal relief and stimulus packages that put in place virtually no safeguards or proper accounting procedures at least at the proficiency level of the General Accounting Office (GAO), one needs to look at the 2008 TARP International Bank Cartel bail-out. With a focus on the position and office created called the SPECIAL INSPECTOR GENERAL of the TARP Bail-Out (SIGTARP) installed by the Bush-Cheney and U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson administration. That special office created to watchdog disbursal of funds and who had jurisdiction to investigate and claw back any funds that did not meet the clear criteria of TARP and Treasury while referring for criminal prosecution the recipient suspects at the level of Corporate Officer.

Bill Moyers back in April of this pandemic year of 2020 already had as a phone guest for a relevant chat on his online podcast MOYERS ON DEMOCRACY that Special Inspector General or SIGTARP , Neil Barofsky , who regrettably never became a house-hold name in the U.S.

Likely because too many corporate-captured news media networks didn’t want to alienate their advertising base from that bailed out financial sector. Nor undermine the Neo-Liberal E-CONomic policy doctrines and patronage system that provides our less-than-democratic republic already dominated by a tiny group of uber oligarchs and plutocrats the parameters for Public Discourse. Also the parameters for sovereign corrective action as we can see signed into the WTO trade agreements and treaties that forbade such central bank and sovereign state "interference and intrusions into the perfect efficiencies of self-regulated and Free Markets.


Neil Barofsky, the special investigator in charge of the last big bailout, talks with Bill about the need for oversight of the CARES Act, the $2 trillion relief package that President Trump says he intends to disregard.

The transcript of that exchange about the current Trump-Menuchin pandemic relief and economic stimulation CARES Act ratified by our Duopoly legislators between Moyers and the former TARP Bail-Out SIGTARP Neil Barofsky, who saved U.S. from hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent bank and lender claims can be found in the Socialist periodical IN THESE TIMES here:

Suffice it to say Barofsky’s family phone in coronavirus quarantine where he and his wife have been home-schooling their grade school kids hasn’t been ringing off the hook with such inquiries or to draw on the former Special Inspector General of the TARP Bail-Out’s experience. We don’t find the former SIGTARP Barofsky in any Golden Rolodex of FINANCE LAW reporters whether Public Interest News or Investor Class News at NPR\PBS and\or the Business News media. Where endowments or advertising revenue streams are hard to come by amid declining U.S. political or popular interest in such tough journalism or topics for discussion in the run-up to the mass media charade we call national election season in the richest if most unequal country the world has ever known.

Where every week is THIS WEEK ON WALL STREET or PLANET MONEY or BUSINESS INSIDER or MARKETPLACE or FREAKANOMICS or BLOOMBERG BILLIONAIRE NEWS or FORBES and where never a word is sought from those sleeping on Main Street as we provide no coverage via any regularly scheduled program to serve those who live by the sweat of their brow or the frostbite in their bones as might be called WAGE SLAVE WEEK or PLANET OF THE CLOCK PUNCHERS .

Those Neo-Liberal E-CONomic doctrines embraced half a century ago by the Paleo Conservatives who became the Neo-Cons (Daddy Warbucks) and their nominal political rivals the Neo-Liberals securely vetted the prevailing political selections by our body politic and longstanding bi-partisan agreement of our Duopoly that hold as sacred Shrinking Big Government (Privatizing Profits after socializing costs and risks via Public\Private Partnerships) and that Texas-wide U.S. MORNING IN AMERICA and MAGA mythology of a FREE COUNTRY WHERE EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO FAIL. With that chorus comes such verses in the hymnal as “Picking Oneself Up by Their Bootstraps” and “Taking ownership of adult decisions” with No social safety nets.

As in fact Washington’s and Wall Street’s Ruling Elite client states after WW II in the ruins of the European War-Addicted Homeland Ruins had the good sense to institute and preserve. The U.S. even picked up much of the bill of reconstruction via the MARSHALL PLAN (a misnomer as the rebuilding of Europe after WW II and its financing was more properly a part of the pragmatic yet visionary Truman Doctrine). That allowed the former warring imperial rivals who’d spent a couple-three centuries carving up the world to consider even expanding their state coverage of their Education, Healthcare, Housing\Shelter, Public Health, Industrial and Life Sciences, Telecomm, Tech and Employment Placement and Training bureaucracies administering such social safety nets. With free and regulated markets in those sectors and areas that didn’t impinge on First Priorities.

Those sectors of society spared subjection to the rules and consequences of self-regulated Free Markets are not called Socialism anywhere but in the U.S. Those sectors of organized civil societies are simply deemed by more sensible humans as too morally important to preserving the value of civilized life and community to be left to the predatory practices and inhuman ravages of winner-take-all Free Markets and Casino Capitalism.

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
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Too little, too late. Most of the funds have already gone into the pockets of the elite, and the government is keeping the list very secret. They even scooped up most of the funds allotted for small businesses.
Relief Funds = Treasury Looting, but lets face it, everyone in congress but one Rep., designed it that way.


And she’s the rep we’ll need to clone and mass reproduce!!! Like any other elected rep, with a consumer protection extended warranty for parts & labor…

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters and Song Chasers
Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
Media Discussion List

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Thank you!


This guy looks like a child predator.