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Just When Did America Go Nuts?

Just When Did America Go Nuts?

Mike Lofgren

“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” —Matthew 24:24

“At first we thought they were just another snake cult, but now their towers are everywhere.” —Conan the Barbarian 1982


“Just When Did America Go Nuts?”

See Richard Hofstadter’s Anti-Intellectualism In American Life (1962) for the definitive answer(s).


Hey, thanks for the obvious comment on how haywired the American psychy is.
The vaccine issue is much more complicated, infused, and certainly demands that you pay a bit more attention to the big picture, not just measles. I won’t waste my time trying to post the big picture here, but do a bit of research on your own before making more callous statements about Kennedy, or anti-vaccers. Try goggling Dr. Paul Thomas.
All the best.


Don’t be shy Mike! You know it’s the Deep State and that 9/11
was the neocon’s “New Pearl Harbor” and they got the mass fear
they needed to keep the Cold War going to support the Military
Industrial Complex: See Common Dreams leading post for proof.


And dont forget George Soros and the Globalists…

Clever and humorous.

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Yeah, there’s not a lot more to say about this country. I often like to ask the rhetorical question of ; “who was it that won the civil war?”.

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Great book. Also, look at the trilogy of books written by Dr. Morris Berman which culminated in “Why America Failed”. Well researched and well written.

Patricia -
The South “won” the Civil War. It just took them about 150 years to do so. Except in certain “blue states” the deep regression is everywhere. I am so profoundly ashamed of this country that I sometimes can’t find the words. George Carlin was right when he said that the United States was a country that is full of bullshit. “Trumpism” is a malignant cancer that we may never recover from. Every day we are proving that the term “American exceptionalism” is a pathetic myth.


Also review Dr. Vincent Iannelli, a Board-certified pediatrician who calls Dr. Paul Thomas “dangerous.” Here’s a link to a critical review of Dr. Paul Thomas’s anti-vax hokum.

Get your vaccines. Get your kids vaccinated.


No, we’re “exceptional” all right, exceptionally stupid. One of my favorite “sayings” by a comic is Ron Whites “you can’t fix stupid”. Oh, Carlin was my favorite comic, over 50 yrs in the spotlight and ALWAYS right on with his comic insights proving you can be politically and socially responsible and still be funny.


All true, but are they really wanting to start another war?If they can get the fear machine going without war will they choose that route. Trump is so drunk with power and access to tons of loose money, that I’m sure he doesn’t want to go away.

But they will have to have a draft if they go to Iran. We won’t put up with making our NG’s and ER’s pull full time duty again. Certainly not multiple tours.
We have had enough suicide, PTSD, divorces, and grieving families all for oil and conquest. We WILL take the war to Washington if needed.

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In the year 1776 when a pack of Sociopaths formed a Government of by and for the 1 percent.

Just to pluck one incident of history.

In 1891 the greatest mass lynching in US history occured in the United States of America when 11 Italian Americans were rounded up and lynched. A grand Jury was strike but none that committed the crime ever charged.

The legacy of Lynchings in the USA is a long one. People used to show up with families and have picnics to witness those lynchings.

I call that nuts.

As to that painting of the signing of the Mayflower compact. Another group of sociopaths as many of this type no doubt would later burn alive some 300 men women and children in a longhouse and then take a day off to throw a feast to celebrate the act.

The only time rational people rose to positions of influence , they were either assassinated or thrown into jail.


You can feel it as you read their words, they want to say it, but fear…

Probably half the people of he U.S. are below average intelligence.

Donald Trump is not one of the best and brightest among us.

Faith based beliefs are not worth a dam.

Sean Hannity exists.

“Note an essential component of stupidity: we retaliated for 9/11 by invading a country which had nothing to do with it.”

“We” invaded the wrong country on purpose, driven by outright lying from on high. Remember Colin Powell and the aluminum tubes & yellow cake? Not his finest hour. The stupidity was broadly displayed with the public gullibility that ate it all up. Public reactions to many things look stupid; the diabolical agenda behind events is calculated. And half the population will always be on the left side of the bell curve.


Why would I want to inject that filth directly into my body and create a massive inflammation reaction?
The human body has a digestive system and is not meant to be injected directly with poisons.
You have an immune system. Start using it.

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To produce immune memory and protect yourself and others from infection and epidemic.

Agreed, but it has no bearing on the discussion of immunization. It’s just a statement of the obvious.

I use it every day. You have a brain. Start using it.


Re vaccines, if growers are nuts enough to use fracking waste water on vegetable fields, then you have to give the skeptics slack. It’s the same issue…regulation/QC. Just as if you were measuring Ceasium or Strontium 90 in food…or “2, 4-D.” Right now I can’t find material on bad-batch-vaccines factory farms in the East have ended up buying/using. But check out D.2.5 Purification in this…

p. 43 https://www.sfda.gov.sa/ar/drug/resources/DocLib2/GuidelinesforProductionandQualityControlofVaccines_v21.pdf

If you find this too horrible to contemplate, then get your butt in gear to help rearrange priorities, as in Green New Deal [not you Marion]. Even if I’m wrong, it can’t hurt. And remember: most Green New Dealers would think I was wrong to worry about a flu vaccine [I do “some”]…but these vaccines are a year behind every year anyway. On the measles vaccine I am not read-up.

For once, stop parroting what the MSM has force fed you and start thinking for yourself.
There are plenty of forums for sheeple like yourself. Go to Daily Kos. They don’t allow dissenting points of view over there. You would fit right in.
Every virus mutates. It’s called evolution. You’ll need to continually inject yourself with a new cocktail
to keep up with the evolving virus. Stop eating Happy Meals, Captain Crunch, and Lucky Charms and learn about the immune system you were born with.

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