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Just Who Got Trump's Farm Bailouts?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/24/just-who-got-trumps-farm-bailouts


The game of the trump ilk is to COMPROMISE (all caps, italicized, bold and I’d underline if I could!

Like the old monkey in the tree, Trump sucks up the public commons runs it through his ‘system’ and at the other end, defecates into his hand to cast it at targets (or “marks” in mafia speak).

The combination of hideous weather (weather modification? why is there no investigation into this? Jim Lee provides a historical run down, starting at min 3:47 - did all of this simply evaporate?) and pressure on small scale farmers begins to look like an organized usurpation of the most important element of society: FOOD which requires LAND. How about some investigative reporting into the economics and hyper-quite real estate activity relative to these conditions?
Remember 2016?

Call me paranoid, but if the questions aren’t asked, the possible scale of a take-over makes ‘colossal’ look puny.

March 2019: # 10 Failed Levees In Midwest Flood Zone Were Not Inspected By Federal Government



It’s easy to win a trade war. Tell a bunch of rubes you love them, then give rich people money.

Is it just me, or do you smell another multi-trillion $$ bail out of Wall St around the corner.


Wall Street wrote the parts of Dodd Frank that Trump and the GOP are keeping forever. The next time Wall Street tanks the economy those parts will result in US taxpayers being put on the hook for way more than the $20 plus trillion in bailouts taxpayers were saddled with when Wall Street crashed the economy in 2008.


Corporate Welfare to Sustain his Redneck Votes.


I wonder if they (farmers) are going to vote for Trump again…smh.

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Rich families cashed in on over half the bailout money set aside for farmers hurt by Trump’s trade policies.

Hardworking, everyday working farmers and their families got " stiffed " again. Capitalism does not have our best interests at heart. When are we going to learn.


Mr. Blair M. Phillips