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Just Who Is ICE Targeting? Journalist Claims His Arrest Retaliation for Critical Reporting


Just Who Is ICE Targeting? Journalist Claims His Arrest Retaliation for Critical Reporting

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Amid new revelations showing that Trump's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) appears to be increasing its indiscriminate arrests of undocumented immigrants—not prioritizing those with serious criminal records—one journalist in custody and facing possible deportation says in a new interview that he believes his arrest was absolutely


Not retaliation? They’ll follow him home, then shoot him, “breaking in” to his own house.


I’ve noticed a lot of cops these days are skinheads. Coincidence?


US cops and all immigration and customs agents are, practically to a person, armed fascist thugs.


History covered by DN! today of US CIA backed torturers in Guatamala - Must know background that evolves to today. School of the Americas HR violations continue today - the corruption deep and ongoing


ICE, DEA, federal police officers, and many local police departments are a mutated form of Gestapo.
We live in a police state already, but it is unevenly applied, so as not to arouse a general rebellion.
Check out this article, which is the tip of the iceberg:


[quote=“CommonDreams, post:1, topic:53216”]
Duran, for his part, previously called out the “cruelty” of the system. In a statement (pdf) to the press read by his fiancée, Melisa Valdez, on April 16, he said, "No one should be deprived of their freedoms just for wanting a better future for their children. This is a cruel system that criminalizes people who pose no danger to this country."
(emphasis mine)

Of course this was retaliation!
Of course he was targeted!
He was reporting in Spanish.…Horrors!

What a sick-ass shithole country we have become!


Very scary!!!


The war on plants is just one example of how dangerous the police state really is!


What the majority of American ignoramuses don’t understand, is that the US is responsible for the Latino refugees in the first place. Believe me when I say, the greatest number of these newcomers would much rather be back home than trying to cross a border into a country that hates them. The US has interfered in their homelands for many, many decades. It as supported right wing Fascist groups and destroyed democratically elected governments in Latino nations because it didn’t like their ideology! Now the sh** has hit the fan and the US is being asked to pay for its destructive activities in all of these countries. Of course it doesn’t want to. The US should have thought of the expected results before it interfered. America is truly an evil, grasping and selfish nation and finally the despicable presidency is showing such degeneracy to the World. It is long past time to expel the US from all international agencies and treaties. It pays no attention to them anyway. It should be ostracized!


Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge was an early attempt by out of control enforcers, attempting to make an example of a man who made the mistake of being in possession of an illegally modified shotgun, by stalking and murdering members of this family.


please correct the typo in the photo caption. Manuel NOT Manual


ICE, of course, has no respect for the laws and constitution of the United States. In this they are like many other police agencies. This is the new police state and ICE is a new form of Gestapo. The police agency in Memphis has a very checkered background and Attorney William Pepper has linked that agency along with the FBI, US Army and the Dixie Mafia in the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Once the judiciary is completely filled by robots who will do anything to serve the right wing agenda, things are almost complete. The only hope is someday a progressive congress that will impeach much of the administrative and judicial body which have gone against the laws and constitution of the U.S. That will only happen if the people rise up and put in place the right legislators.


Yes, and the same for the Waco fiasco, the bombing of Operation Move in Philadelphia, the murder of Fred Hampton, Cointelpro and the murder and imprisonment of black panthers, etc, etc, etc. We are also not including all of the other state sanctioned violence against the black community throughout the nation’s history.There is a history.