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'Just Wildly, Blatantly Corrupt': Researcher Reveals DeJoy Donated $600,000 to Trump and GOP After Top USPS Job Opened

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/15/just-wildly-blatantly-corrupt-researcher-reveals-dejoy-donated-600000-trump-and-gop

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Again, let’s stop with all the pearl clutching folks. Cronyism, nepotism, and pay to play, have been an integral part of public and private business in America for generations. The only difference now is that the truly bad people no longer feel the need to hide their actions and intentions.
I suppose we should have seen this day coming. After all, sociopaths have been occupying America’s boardrooms and halls of government for some time now. However, unlike most other nations who’s citizens could never imagine this level of corruption in their institutions, Americans almost revel in it. Why you ask? Just talk to most slack jawed Americans and they will tell the same story. Many genuinely believe that they are exceptional and that they gleefully accept being taken advantage of because they have convinced themselves that everyone should have the freedom to do so.
I’ve said it many times before, but I think it deserves repeating. Yes, the constitution and bill of rights does give the average American the right to be an asshole. The problem is that so many Americans choose to exercise that right.


Given Donald Trump’s corrupt pay-to-play regime, how can anyone be surprised that DeJoy bought his job? Both Trump and DeJoy would profit greatly by the destruction of the US Postal Service.


Hmmmm … fifty percent (50%) of the next sixteen banners mention Trump. Not a peep
about Biden. I’d say the Trump campaign is going as planned.

Bernie did talk about big pharma rip off but he is not running for POTUS. More misdirection to deflect from Biden’s neo-liberal record. FU** DeJoy. Let’s hear Biden say: BIG PHARMA IS RIPPING US OFF!


Democrats are running one of their sure-lose campaigns: Appeal to whites that will never vote for you in the first place, ignore Latinos, blacks, Muslims, Asian-Americans, never discuss policies like the Big Pharma rip-off, and spend all of your time going after your opponent. We’ve seen this movie before, and we know how it ends.


The frustration bexpressed by you and @Smerl is shared by millions.

The sheer incompetence and political tone-deaf “centrist” stupidity in the DP is astonishing. The weakest (in all ways) candidate, the most incompetent “strategy”, the most corrupt pandering to campaign-contributor bribery, the most negligent and off-kilter platform of weak and missing progressive issues, and the most nearly invisible and silent-on-the-issues most voters see as critical, all come-together to create a perfect storm of the worst political fail nearly in US history.
It is so infuriating and frustrating to see the acceptance of 4 more years of the malignant trump death regime, and a Democratic Party dominated by the worst, most incompetent, corrupt stupidity imaginable - Hillary 2.0 and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is the mantra of the pathetic DP establishment hacks!

HL Menkin paraphrased Jefferson with this quote: "People deserve the government they get , and they deserve to get it good and hard."

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Same old story. Rampant corruption but nobody seems able to do anything about it.

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Exactly so Steve. There have been times when such blatent corruption and influence of big-money rather than ideas and issues would not have been tolerated by either politicians or the public - and especially the USAG, now another corrupt toady political hack serving the trump regime rather than the public interest. Both political parties a sick fuckin joke of corruption and self-serving interests catering to wealth and profits above all else, not our republic, nationhood, justice, sanity, or the Common Good. Unfuckinbelievable!

Although there has been payola and corruption in politics forever, the blatant organized crime pervading the Trump administration is unprecedented, out of control, and yet another reason to vote Biden/Harris.
People come here to spread false equivalencies, attempting to deflect and downplay the uniquely criminal intensity of Trump and his gang, but all you have to do is look at the record of Obama’s eight years, with Republicans trying as hard as they could to find or contrive scandals, and you see that the Democrats are nowhere near as corrupt as the GOP, not even close.
Don’t fall for the covertly pro-Trump memes claiming that Trump’s corruption is no worse than before. It is much worse.
The Trump Gang is a white collar mafioso attempting to take over the USA.
They must be purged from government, and put in prison.

Yes, I think so too. The idea is to ‘go legit’.

Where are the young politicians of vision and mostly, on the near side of mid-life.

There’s a reason JFK was so effective and had to be removed - He was young and powerful.

The whole system is bankrupt right now, but you can recover from bankruptcy if you are able to learn life’s hard lessons.

I think that is a possibility.

But the destruction we have already caused - and continue to cause.

If we recover it will be a Phoenix Project - from the ashes - and these days that isn’t just a figurative expression.

The GOP-DNC junta has already scripted a “loss” for Biden and a “win” for rump. The past four years were the junta’s transition to fascism. Now the transition is nearly over. Both right wings of the GOP-DNC want fascism because only through fascism will they be able to cling to their economic and political power in the turbulent times ahead.

If we truly had a “people’s” government, we wouldn’t be waiting around
for corrupt and destructive public servants to “step down” or resign –

True – neither should De Joy have ever been nominated for this post or approved for it –

Where is our “No Confidence” vote to force leaders out of office –

This is insanity?

We are sitting here watching total destruction of our government, what remains of
democracy – our Post Office – what is left of the New Deal regulations –

The entire GOP administration should be tossed out of government – and long before
election day.

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Republicans are experts on imploding and playing pin the tail on the donkeys. Democrats on the other hand are experts on finishing 2nd in a must win contest even when they’re ahead as well as allowing republicans to pin the tail on themselves.

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“The word ‘politics’ is derived from the word ‘poly’, meaning ‘many’, and the word ‘ticks’, meaning ‘blood sucking parasites’.”

Larry Hardiman


POGO hs an Aug 27 story on Mnuchin involvement with trying to leverage USPS through DeJoy …
It’s not clear what role Mnuchin played in the selection of DeJoy (the Treasury secretary denied that he helped recruit or select the postmaster general), but Mnuchin received briefings from the board on the selection process, which is unusual. And according to Williams—who resigned from the board in April and had previously served as top watchdog at the Postal Service and at the Treasury—Mnuchin had required some board members to “kiss the ring” before they were confirmed and called on them with requests and demands once they were installed.

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I have called the Trump Administration a " MAFIAOCRACY" but I do not see any hope until their organized crime family ( THE REPUBLICAN PARTY) is destroyed!

THIS is where the Right Wing Supreme Court has taken us –

making money the preeminent basis of government placement now –

Making the White House a matter of highest bidder –

and how do we get rid of the right wing court – especially the Kavnaugh seat
denied to Obama/Garland – ?

What would Trump have done if someone had been telling him even now – let’s
say in event of a Ginsburg resignation – let’s hope not! – if he/Trump were denied
the right to select someone of his choice?

Frankly – while I don’t really know how much more constancy there may have been
in any of these positions over the last half century – certainly there is POLITICAL INTENT
in allowing a new president/administration to select their own people.

But I don’t think that the people would agree with this extending of MONEY into the
ability of a candidate to buy a government position is in any way legitimate –
it’s fascism.

Capitalism and money once more delivering fascism to America –

Unfortunately for us all, Roberts, himself – Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas -
are certainly NOT honest men – not people who should be on the court.

Even after the nomination of unsuitable people, where is the control in preventing
someone with destructive, criminal intent from taking office?

Roberts made a huge contribution to W’s ability to steal 2000 – and move on to 9/11, btw …
in organizing and running the “Brooks Bros. Rally” which stopped the vote counting in
Miami-Dade County – mandated by the Florida State Supreme Court.

And Roberts did it by moving the fascist “rally” to near violence at Miami-Dade Election HQ’s…
where there was no police intervention by Election officials – and no police intervention by
State police serving then Governor Jeb Bush.

Position of Chief Justice was Roberts’ reward – and Roberts has continued to serve the cause
of fascism since he arrived on the court.

"Conflicts Of Interest R Us" is the mantra of this criminally corrupt administration.

Only solution for it is to empty the prisons to make room for all of these entitled scum.