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Justice Delayed But Not Escaped: This Is What Accountability Looks Like


Justice Delayed But Not Escaped: This Is What Accountability Looks Like

In a historic move, a judge has found former South Carolina cop Michael Slager guilty of second-degree murder when he shot Walter Scott, a black unarmed motorist, five times in the back in April 2015. Slager, the first police officer convicted of murder, was sentenced to 20 years. At the time, key cell phone video by an eyewitness refuted a bogus police narrative. It was taken by a Dominican immigrant who argued, "We are here to be each other's keepers."


Sentenced to 20 years for outright Murder?
Walter Scott was unarmed and was shot 5 times in the BACK? This coward cop should have gotten A Life sentence!


He is a cop in prison … some well-meaning convict might take care of that!


So, there may well be some light at the end of the tunnel-
I find it hard to believe that many in the victims family found forgiveness for Michael Slager- After he tried to frame the guy about the stun gun plant and the whole story shot down by the eye witness cell phone evidence- The guy (Slager) was one down and dirty cop who had no business murdering this guy over A broken tail light- I just find the forgivemess hard to relate to, but, I guess that is just me…


Accountability is a big move indeed and far too long in the waiting. With the House just passing this new gun law it seems as though we are still moving backwards 5 steps and ahead 1. Must we have this constant open season on each other? Really? Are guns THAT important? Okay, you can have your gun but no bullets. Would that work for ya?


And he is a cop in prison for killing an unarmed BLACK man (in the back, no less) - since the population of prisons is disproportionately black, I imagine a lot of his black fellow inmates might have a slight problem with him, being both a cop and murdering an unarmed black man. My guess is the prison will keep him segregated from the rest of the prison population “for his own safety,” which is BS. He needs to go into the general population and just deal with it. Be a real shame if something happened to him.


This killer cop went to prison for 20 year ONLY because the witness videotaped the shooting. Otherwise the usual cop lies and planted evidence on the victim would have been believed and the killer would have gone free, just like hundreds of other killer cops. Without the video the eyewitness testimony would not be enough to overcome the lying story by the cop, especially since the eyewitness was an immigrant Latino. The ACLU provides a free cellphone app that you can use to livestream to ACLU any encounter with police, so they can’t seize your phone and delete the data or just stomp on it. Everybody should get and use this app.


:hugs::hugs: Yes, that would be so sad … NOT!


I think Slager is worse than :poop: and I REFUSE to forgive him b/c he was heinously wrong to MURDER Walter Scott!


Now he is going to fear for his life…


A person should not be executed for a taillight bulb. Ever!