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Justice Demanded for Black Man Shot and Killed Point-Blank by Louisiana Police



Yes, the slave patrols are still with us.


",,,root out the ONE PERCENT of bad police officers"?

If it was just One Percent then they would have been rooted out long ago,
by the supposedly "other" Ninety Nine Percent of Good Officers.

When an entire Law Enforcement Culture
into one Big, Malignant Entity
it can no longer be explained away
by the "few, rotten apples" explanation.

And if anyone thinks that they, or their progeny will be immune to this kind of persecution, in the future,
let's be aware that Their Nets will only Widen, and their Hearts, oblivious to the fact that they are dealing with Fellow Human Beings, will only Harden.




I'm not a police officer but you pledge to Protect and Serve? Are you sure about that? Or do you just murder people as a hobby? You should be gravely disgusted with yourself.


You should be sickened by by your actions and if you're not you ass?ole you are not human. You sick mfr. Burn mfr burn...look forward to it...