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'Justice Demands That Arrests be Made' After Video of Ahmaud Arbery's Killing Goes Viral

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/06/justice-demands-arrests-be-made-after-video-ahmaud-arberys-killing-goes-viral

No probable cause?

This prosecutor could receive a signed confession and find that there was no probable cause.


A black man can be shot for the crime of jogging and no charges brought in two years. Imagine the roles reversed and no charges brought in two years; never would happen. That is white privilege. So is being able to go out jogging without being murdered by guys with law enforcement background.


The reality is there a whole lot of people that look for opportunities to kill another. These two thugs went out “hunting” relying on the racist system to ensure there no repercussions. This was not a spontaneous action, it was coldly calculated and it would be first degree murder anywheres.

That they acted only after the evidence made Public demonstrates systemic racism and corruption.


“McMichael told police, assumed Arbery was a suspect in a string of recent break-ins”

So this hapless man was killed based on this assumption. There were two of them. Why did they not just overpower him and call the “real” police? Let us assume they just wanted to kill him and send them to prison without a trial as they did to Mr. Arbery.

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And 65 years later:


Simple justice, just like all these camo wearing, AR-15 carrying fucking ass holes would want. Take both the father and son, the prosecutors that REFUSE to prosecute and “investigators” out in the middle of mainstreet and fucking shoot every god damn one of them.


Every god damned day living in the USA breaks my heart into a thousand new pieces. The USA is the worlds biggest SHITHOLE COUNTRY in the history of the world. It has been ever since its inception when the sociopathic and psychopathic white invaders set foot upon this land. Genocide and Slavery and Warmongering are the only things the USA has produced and continues to do in this day and age. USA!


Everytime southern trash acts out - and thats’ pretty frequently - I wish Abe Lincoln were alive so that I could kick him in the crotch
The “best president” brought a viper to bed and we keep getting bitten
The south should have been ejected
Having decided to keep it - we should have cleared the real estate
Slave owners should have been sent to arab slave markets - still in operation in Saudi
Anyone who lifted a finger against the US should have been hung or had their head mounted on a fence post
Not that I have an opinion you understand

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I was going to say the same thing. I saw the cruelty of racism in the army and in civilian life from the sixties onward. I spend more time away from the big crowds these days. I don’t want to even see hints of that behavior.
I haven’t heard the whole story though.

He “hasn’t heard the whole story though” Wow x 700.

Maybe the McMichaels thought they were chasing down a runaway slave…

Swiping a MAGA red hat from a clan member will put you in jail…
White clan killing black in 2020 will not even get charges.

This is the amerikkka with Bozo at the helm…
What an INSULT to human intelligence…