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Justice Department Releases FISA Applications That Accused Trump Adviser Carter Page of 'Conspiring With the Russian Government'


Justice Department Releases FISA Applications That Accused Trump Adviser Carter Page of 'Conspiring With the Russian Government'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In an unprecedented and unusually timed document dump Saturday night, the Justice Department released a 412-page, partially redacted version of the FBI's 2016 FISA application requesting authorization to wiretap former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page.


Jake Johnson you a waterfall of unending bull shit. Here is a story for you. It is simple and you can get a handle on it. It is about the unelected parts of our government that are full of career employees that are running our government instead of those we elect. This would be the three letter agencies, FBI, NSA, and CIA.
Perhaps you are not old enough to remember the Bay of Pigs and an other dust ups between president and Russia. Once again our elected president thought it best for the people not to have a war when nuclear weapons are on the table. So the three letter agency killed our elected president and most of the males in his family. We know they killed MLK. Can you say Alende, Iran coup of 1953 can you say contras and overthrow of South American governments.
We the people understand then when Brennan, Clapper, Comey speak to the public they have been caught lying. It is against the law and they can get away with it because JFK, MLK etc.

So Jake tell me when do you write news about the people and in support of our elected president who is not perfect just like you and I. Or are you rabidly against democracy by and for the people and for the bullies and murder for hire assholes who are attacking the elected president once again.


“Freedom, liberty and prosperity are not achieved and maintained through willful ignorance, blind allegiance and naïve faith.”


Deep secret: What is justifiably or imperatively “redacted” and what wasn’t justifiable or necessary to have blackened or redacted?


I know I shouldn’t ask, but what do you believe was going on in all those meetings between representatives of the Russian government, Russian oligarchy, and the Trump campaign?


Probably a lot of talking. Sure beats swapping bombs.


II find it disturbing that FISA has been politicised. Political adversaries can use FISA to spy on each other. This is opening a can of worms.


Alende, the Iran Coup, overthrow of countless governments etc…all had the support of the executive branch!

What makes this different is that the President is working against them. This also includes the DOJ.


I would like to see some proof of that.

Did the executive branch okay its assassination? JFK?


So how many people are involved in Russian Collusion? What next? Arrest all of them? Who will do that?


Russians want to take over the USA, and Trump is weak and is allowing it. Also, big sums of $$$ would be in their pockets.


“Conspiring with the Russian government” covers a wide array of possibilities. While I believe we should have better relations with 'Russia", I exclude the oligarchs and their lap-dog politicians. The trump regime’s behavior toward Russia/Putin has meaning, just what that is, and what 'Putin has on trump" is at the heart of that - trump does’g give a shite about “better relations” unless it benefits him or his crime family!

The bottom-line is trump is heavily indebted and must perform or lose his “empire” - all else is in pursuit of that essentially corrupt MO…his ascendance to potus clearly offered many opportunities and he has taken advantage of them all…while taking advantage of the American people, and kowtowing to any corporate scam or scheme that profited him and his cronies…and those taken together are crimes and corruption of vast - and treasonous - proportions!

Avaaz has expressed what’s been obvious to many for a long while - “Trump’s businesses went bankrupt so many times in the 1990s that many legitimate banks wouldn’t lend to him anymore. He turned to Russian oligarchs – Putin’s ruling clique – to bankroll his projects, and launder their dirty money for them. This was, and continues to be, a huge part of his business. He’s a Russian money launderer.”

“We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”
Donald Trump JR, 2014

“This isn’t speculation or hyperbole. There’s mountains of evidence. Trump’s former election campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, has deep ties to Russian oligarchs, and is currently in jail awaiting trial on, among other charges, money laundering!”

The fact is trump does nothing unless it benefits him or his crony corporate predator scum - its obvious he couldn’t care less about relations or people or the environment or anything not within his narrow/shallow/depraved range of “business” and profits ruling over all!

“In 1990, the Trump Organization was reportedly $3.4 billion in debt, with Trump himself liable for over $800 million; the next year, as several of Trump’s hotels and casinos reportedly accumulated millions in debt, the New Jersey Casino Control Commission concluded, “Mr. Trump cannot be considered financially stable.””


Nicely said, a quick summary of a few of trumps shady business dealings, and there is more to be uncovered, much more. He has lived his entire life scamming and cheating whom ever he could. The fact that his base can’t see that is mind bending, they just don’t give a shit that he is corrupt, it’s bizarre. But he is going down.


Yeah, and Trumpsters will put their fingers in their ears and insist that all this does is prove that Obama and his FBI had it in for Trump and had nothing but false allegations against Page.

When Trump said he could shoot somebody in Times Square (or wherever it was) and not lose a supporter, he forgot to mention that even if the shooting were broadcast on TV, his supporters would simply deny that it took place.


But what do you think they are talking about? Or are you one of those people that live in the black and white conservative world of, if we don’t have peace then there must be war?
We have not been anywhere near war with the Russians since 1962, and even then we drastically overmatched them. Flash forward to today, they are an oligarchy. A banana republic by any definition. They are a poor nation led by five or six incredibly wealthy men who, although they possess nuclear weapons, have no reason or compunction to use them as that would leave them without a world to rule over. So what to do? Why do what all be businessmen do, merge.
In the end, this is all about a giant business deal between the oligarchs of Russia and our own home grown Kochs and Mercers. They don’t want war. They could care less if there is peace. What they want is the establishment of a worldwide feudal system. They finally have a willing stooge in the American White House that will broker the deal for them in exchange for the expunging of his debts and a place at the table.
In the end, this is about money, pure and simple.
But again, what do you believe they are talking about in those smoke filled rooms where only Putin and Trump may tread? Do you think it’s all altruistic? That Putin and Trump are just two wide eyed peaceniks?


Pancake recipe exchanges. Progressives hate money in politics but don’t mind if it, and other campaign machinations, come via foreign fossil fuel oligarchs, especially if it helps with peace. You should know this.


Frankly, he’s scammed some progressives too, man of peace he is.


Ya that’s us but what about Russia?

I have no idea what they discussed but wonder if they had a good laugh over Russian hacking V. American hacking. I wonder if they discussed competitive price of gas to the EU. Or the American loss in Syria and the verbal attack on Iran. I doubt they discussed the black African slave trade that Obama and Hillary started cause nobody really cares.

So what do you think they talked about? FIFA world cup success? Russian new weapons that turn the US into second place military. The lack of America’s space program that no longer has lift capacity?

Neither of them smoke so that is an image from a passed day. Neither one are peaceniks so that out but neither are stupid enough to consider war with each other.

Issues are many. Time was short. They will need to meet again and talk more. Got a problem?


They also may have talked about the investigation, the one “progressives” fear will start WWIII or some such bullshit. If one looks at the president’s tweets, and not a bunch of stuff that makes progressives feel good about a repressive fossil fuel oligarchy, I think that’s the safest assumption. They talked about it before at their last one-on-one, after all.


Most importantly is the fact that they are talking instead of bullshiting because they lost an election.


If they are talking about a criminal conspiracy against the United States, much less a potentially continuing one, then I couldn’t give three shits about the “progressive” peace-equals-talk blather. They are working to subvert democracy, something some “progressive’s” favorite fossil fuel oligarch knows about well. If this was the US president speaking secretly to a foreign puppet, I can only imagine the righteous denounciations from the so-called peace brigade here.