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Justice Department Report Directly Contradicts the Attorney General's Claims about the Patriot Act


Justice Department Report Directly Contradicts the Attorney General's Claims about the Patriot Act

Trevor Timm

In the midst of the last-minute Congressional debate about whether to re-authorize Patriot Act Section 215, the Justice Department Inspector General (IG) releas


More tokenism standing in as false representation of genuine diversity. When a woman, and a person of color, salutes the Surveillance State rather than protecting established Civil Liberties–for all citizens, she betrays not just those who see in her image and likeness, the hope for change; but she also helps to fuse both parties into one seamless entity beholden to Authoritarian (and/or Inverted Totalitarian) Power. THAT is not justice, neither does it in any way, shape or form approximate Democracy or the informed consent of the governed.


Before she was appointed, I could have guessed that Lynch would lynch us when I read she was against cannabis legalization.


Yeah, she was the federal prosecutor who let HSBC bank off with a slap on the wrist when they were caught red handed laundering drug money for the Mexican cartels! And Barack Obama thought that was a ringing endorsement to nominate her for Attorney General of the United States! The game is rigged against us kids!


From the article:

‘…So to sum up: the Justice Department’s own Inspector General said information collected under Section 215 did not lead to "any major case developments,” but the Attorney General said that Section 215 has “proven very important in cases that we have built.” Both statements cannot be true.’

No, the Inspector General most certainly did NOT say that. What the IG did say was that the agents who were interviewed did not identify any such developments. That’s a horse of another color. How many were interviewed? The agents could have said that there were many many such developments, but either wouldn’t or couldn’t identify them.

One’s credibility suffers when one makes absurd claims.


I have no faith in this woman, no more than I now have in President Obama. He lost any sight of reality - of what it is to be a real American citizen, trying to survive the current economic and ecological climate in the USA. She is only going to follow suit. NO FAITH!


Y’beat me to it, John.