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Justice Department Signals Support for Sinclair-Tribune Merger: Report


Justice Department Signals Support for Sinclair-Tribune Merger: Report

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Wall Street Journal reports the Justice Department has told leaders at both companies that it would approve the proposal with the sale of about a dozen stations

Sinclair Broadcast Group sign


“Freedom of the press belongs to the corporate person who owns them all.”
–(updating the old saw to reflect current political reality)


The United States of America no longer has Justice Department.

We only have a “Just For The 1% Department.”


Any resemblance of Sinclair Broadcast Group to a government-run Ministry of Truth are purely coincidental.

Of what organization is Craig Aaron the President and CEO?   I’ll admit to being an old geezer with eyes that are not as sharp as they used to be, but I’ve re-read the article twice and I still can’t determine the group
to which the above statements are referring.

" . . . with equal justice for all" has always been a pipe-dream.  Those who get a little ahead can afford the fancy lawyers who help them cheat their way into getting a little farther ahead and then they can afford to make campaign contributions bribes to denizens of the D.C. swamp who then change the rules for them so they can get even farther ahead . . .   Tweetle-Dumb is a perfect example — if he hadn’t gotten a pile of money from his daddy to pay the lawyers to get him off from fraud charges, assault charges, etc., etc., he would long ago have gone to prison for many, many years…