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Justice Department Will Not Charge Officers Over Killing of Freddie Gray


Justice Department Will Not Charge Officers Over Killing of Freddie Gray

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Department of Justice said on Tuesday that it will not bring federal charges against the six police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray.

AP reports:

The officers were charged by [Maryland] state prosecutors after Gray's neck was broken in the back of a police transport wagon in April of 2015. The 25-year-old was handcuffed and shackled at the time, but he was unrestrained by a seat belt.


I remember responding to this story months ago on another discussion board. At that time there was background history in that area of infamous police “rough rides” to jail when they would purposefully handcuff and use ankle shackles on prisoners and then not restrain them with seat belts to bounce them around in the Police transport truck. This invariably resulted in injuries to prisoners. The police side of the story was always a cover up while the prisoners were all saying the same thing about those rough rides. In this case, they finally went too far and killed someone after years of use of the rough ride. This should be regarded as unprofessional conduct and cover up by an entire police force.


Of course the DoJ under the “leadership” of Gremlin “the South Shall Rise Again” Sessions would not charge nor prosecute police officers for manhandling/injuring/killing a non-white “suspect.” Thus the gendarme (militarized police force) are given yet another license to kill. They were just doing their duty, after all. Appalling and downright inhumane.


Can we really expect a DOJ headed by Sessions to move on racism which is so obvious in this case?

Across the nation we are seeing this kind of hate crime by police against AA’s – and it’s pretty much
bold, outright murder.

Also, I think the insanity of this kind of policing and what it actually does to those hired to carry out these
instructions is clear in the case of Abner Louima in NYC and the cruel and sexual torture inflicted on him
by Officer Justin Volpe

Abner Louima (born 1966 in Thomassin, Haiti) is a Haitian who was assaulted, brutalized, and forcibly sodomized with a broken-off broom handle by officers of the New York City Police Department … The responding patrol officers included Justin Volpe, Charles Schwarz, .

Police Brutality - Incident in the 70th Precinct

There was no show of solidarity for “the Plunger Cops,” as the tabloids were now calling the men from the 70th Precinct, in Brooklyn, who are at the center of the Abner Louima case. When a cop is accused of a crime, the rows of seats generally fill up with men in blue. Not this time. The four cops—Justin Volpe, Thomas Wiese, Charles Schwarz, and Thomas Bruder—stood facing the judge without a single officer in uniform in the seats behind them


At the end we came to find out that that night - in between beating sessions – Officer Justice Volpe
was sniffing drugs from the dashboard of his police car. This is who and what you must become to
inflict this kind of violence on another human being.

THE LOUIMA CASE: THE OVERVIEW; Officer, Seeking Some Mercy, Admits to Louima’s Torture

In a faltering, hesitant voice, Justin A. Volpe admitted yesterday that he rammed a stick into Abner Louima’s rectum and then thrust it in his face, an act, the police officer acknowledged, intended to humiliate and intimidate the handcuffed Haitian immigrant.

‘‘If you tell anybody about this, I’ll find you and kill you,’’ Mr. Volpe said he told Mr. Louima moments after the Aug. 9, 1997, assault in the restroom of the 70th Precinct station house in Brooklyn.

And …

‘‘When you put the stick up towards his face, having shoved it into his rectum, was a part of your effort to humiliate him?’’ Judge Eugene H. Nickerson of Federal District Court asked, his tone quietly insistent.

Mr. Volpe paused, unsure of himself. ‘‘I was in shock at the time, Your Honor,’’ he said.

The judge repeated the question.

‘‘I couldn’t believe what happened,’’ Mr. Volpe said, again seeming to fumble. And then, ‘‘I was mad.’’

Still unsatisfied, Judge Nickerson tried once more. ‘‘You intended to humiliate him?’’

‘‘Yes,’’ Mr. Volpe finally said, averting his eyes.

And while it’s not made clear in the article, Volpe actually shoved the stick into Louima’s mouth
breaking his teeth.

And – again – we would not have known anything about this incident except for the bravery of
a nurse treating Abner Louima who reported his claim of torture and abuse by police.


We have a long LONG way to go.


Such a scandal could not happen in a real democracy like Venezuela. Venezuela should send the army to change the US dictatorship


sessions, apparently, believes in an almighty christian deity.
this deity is portrayed as being all knowing, all wise, all powerful. and merciful.
well, according to jeffies belief system he will be punished. and severely. for being such a whiny despicable bunt.
since i do not believe in this deity i hope that sessions suffers physical, mental, and emotional tormets. twice that which he has delivered to other people.


Truly a shame upon our Justice System. Wrong, wrong, wrong!