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Justice Finally Served: Rapist Cop Gets 263 Years In, Yes, These Here United States


Justice Finally Served: Rapist Cop Gets 263 Years In, Yes, These Here United States

In a rare act of actual justice, serial rapist and former Oklahoma cop Daniel Holtzclaw, 29, was sentenced Thursday to 263 years in prison for sexually assaulting eight poor black women while on patrol on the assumption he could get away with it because, as one victim testified, "he was a cop and I was a black woman." The judge ruled the 263 years run consecutively because "each victim deserves their own sentence to be served."


As he was a former police officer I imagine he will be placed in separated units from other inmates, I wouldn't want to be him if some of the "brothers" get a hold of him, but he deserves some of the terror they would put on him.

Maybe this will send a message to other scumbags with badges that they are not invincible or above the law.

Kudos to the jurors and judge, finally a ray of justice in a country where it is becoming increasingly rare.


Holtzclaw will live out the rest of his sorry years being the recipient of forced oral sodomy. What goes around, comes around. What a monster and how he was ever hired with that face and Cyclops eye set, no one will ever know.


Okay, call me naive, but what the hell is "oral sodomy" ?


Just referring to the term in the article. Found this definition in Urban Dictionary online: "oral sodomy is when someone forces you to suck and\or lick their sex organs .... or when someone performs oral sex of any kind on you without your permission. (Hope this is not too graphic for CD....)


Good points Xavier. I too haven't heard of this case until now and, without further research, I decry it a ploy!


Can the same judge be assigned to the trials (albeit mock) of CheneyCo?


Yes, I was confused by the term used in the article which is semantically clumsy. I find from the dictionary that "sodomy" has a very broad definition indeed, making it virtually useless, and can be consensual. "Oral" is specific, thus leaving the more general term "sodomy" redundant. It's also inconsistent that "oral sodomy" should imply coercion when simple "sodomy" doesn't, which is probably why they chucked the word "forcible" in there which would otherwise also be redundant. One would think legal language, especially charges, would be phrased more accurately.


I think that the rapist is going to be the raped.


This sorry, goddamned specimen looks far too much like my 36-year-old retarded son -- what the hell are our 'serve & protect' cop shops doing hiring such a totally retarded waste of space? And again I am sorry I live in this worthless country!


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For such misbehaving cops Pelican Bay was made where everybody is on permanent lock down 7/24/365.


Maybe they finally got around to testing some of the backlog of rape victim evidence kits...
Hard for the jury to dismiss crimes when a person's own body denies his claim of innocence!!