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Justice for Berta Caceres Incomplete Without Land Rights: UN Rapporteur



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Imagine a U.N. person being a real person- and Indigenous leader too!
who ever heard of that?

Victoria Tauli- Corpuz is that woman- after proving her creds stopping a dam
in her native Philippines she got a job with the UN protecting the rights of
indigenous people. She went to visit Berta in2015, and now she is explaining
that justice for Berta must be STOPPING THE DAM SHE DIED TO STOP!

a UN lady doing actual work is cause or celebration any day, but when its also to honor Berta, its stupendous


You would think that almost 525 years after the European invasion of the Western
Hemisphere all the valuable land would have been taken. It is apparent that greed
knows no bounds. Without the support of those benefiting indirectly the taking of
Indigenous Peoples lands will not cease until all are taken. Their fight is for the
benefit of all Human Beings. What government or corporation can say as much?