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Justice for Julian Assange, Test of Western Democracy


Justice for Julian Assange, Test of Western Democracy

Nozomi Hayase

This has been the 7th year that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spent Christmas in confinement inside Ecuador’s London embassy. For nearly a decade, the US government’s aggressive witch-hunt of truthtellers has trapped him in the UK.


Pompeo claiming the WikiLeaks organization tries to subvert American values, and it needs to be shut down.
This statement is laughable at best, and could easily be applied to the CIA itself.


What is said by the US government about Julian Assange is one example among many of the falsehoods on which American society is structured. The great challenge for Americans is to realize their nation is not a democracy, and to accept they have been brainwashed all their lives into believing in falsehoods and myths.
The best way to confront this challenge is to educate your children in an atmosphere of truth, training them to detect and neutralize the propaganda they receive at school. Ideally, if the means are available, children should be send overseas as soon as possible to be formed in a social environment that promotes reason and truth over superstition and myths (Switzerland and Germany are good choices, but just about any place outside the Islamic world is better.)
If you cannot do this for your kids, please abstain from multiplying, you are just compounding the problem.


I appreciate that Hayase is keeping the ball in play here. But seven years of persecution for publication represents a failure of American democracy–one in a flurry in a cascade in an avalanche.

The failure of the media to come to Assange’s aid is not unexpected. It is venial and petty and pathetic and dishonest, but is also a sign that there is fairly nothing left in the commercial 4th estate. You cannot inform anyone of the truth when you lie more than half the time.

It has become a convention to say of the persecuted, “I am [Victim’s Name Here].”

I am not trapped in an embassy; I assume you are not either. But we are robbed of information because Assange personally is persecuted. We are robbed of information because Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden and John Kiriakou are or have been persecuted. Outside of simple sadism, this is the point of persecution, and the point of most torture. What else?

The question is what to do. Without further organization, these are but scraps of ideas:

  • Contact newspapers and representatives about Assange
  • Contact newspapers and representatives about whistleblowers
  • Stop using products that advertise with commercial news outlets, and write the companies about your reasons
  • Support Net Neutrality in whatever ways may become available

Academics----revamp standards for choice of sources and documentation of grounding in academic essays and books. The current standards that we use have been distinctly out of date for over a decade. The old assumption that a large commercial entity has a vested interest in telling the truth has been distinctly reversed, at least in the case of news and political publication, and at least arguably in many other fields as well.

The old financial model of the 19th and 20th centuries has collapsed for commercial news and current events publication. In the years between 1990 and 2005 or so, news institutions could no longer survive by selling the attention of an audience to advertisers. Instead, they have become more seriously beholden to their sources–this means to government, to the military, and to big money interests with public relations problems.

If we are not all Assange, we will still each suffer from his persecution as the octopus of repression of information wraps itself around and through the Net.


So no mention of any rape allegations? The reason he locked himself in the Embassy in the first place. Two women in Sweden say he sexually assaulted them, then he fled. Assange fled to the Ecuadorian embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he faced accusations of rape and sexual assault. Not because of his involvement with WikiLeaks. He had his own agenda as well. Snowden wanted people to understand what their government was doing. Assange is just another asshole seeking power. A destructive, horrid man and a threat to democracy. Ironic that you would even utter the word since it’s so apparent he has no conscience whatsoever in denying it for others. He collaborated with Russia to skew the US election process. Looking into who actually funds this organization. Total crap.


WikiLeaks, the world’s first global Fourth Estate, has come to existence as response to this crisis of democracy. With a pristine record of accuracy in its publications, the whistleblowing site brought a way for citizens around the world to transform this hollow democracy that has devoured ideals that once inspired the hearts of ordinary people.

This is why the US State is so set on prosecuting Mr Assange. It is because he has revelaed TRUTHS. None of what Wikileaks has published has been false.

When Mr Pompeo claims this a violation of US Values, Mr Pompeo is stating that the US Government values the LIE over the truth. In so doing he acknowledges that anything the US Government says on the matter is suspect as it the LIE that is valued.

This also why the mainstream media up in arms over Acosta being banned from press conferences claiming it a violation of “freedom of the press” even as they silent on Assange and call for his prosecution. The mainstream media also promotes the LIE.


Any Politician who Refuses to make honoring Assange and Snowden a first priority, along with a heartfelt apology, A full Pardon, a Presidential Medal of Freedom, and massive generous reparations, is an enemy of democracy, human rights, the US Constitution, The American People, and The United States of America! They put themselves on the line for our sake and the NAZI’s we adore and lavish gifts upon went for their throats. They should be made department heads of government oversight, not persecuted.


Cephalopods are innocent of the evil acts and motives of the human species, or at least do not have the means. Other than that, I agree completely, only wishing there were concrete steps pointed out in the article that we could take to help.


Summarizes your comment exactly.

Assange was released by the Swedish authorities before going to England. He did not flee their jurisdiction. The women have said they did not accuse him of rape. Assange offered to be questioned in UK but that offer was not accepted. Sexual assault is hardly the type of behavior that ‘grabs’ the powerful’s attention. More likely condoned and overlooked, as can be shown by multiple examples. Only when it is politically important to stop someone, for other reasons, does this issue become worth of concern.

Yours is a skewed version and completely overlooks the political realities of why US authorities want to shut down Wikileaks so badly.


wow 4thefuture take your meds, lockhart is right. Assange is a master at using the weak minded to propagate his so called cause. His confinement is self imposed and could end anytime he wants. I cannot see how he expects to avoid court for jumping bail that law applies to all. Assange suffers from the delusion that he is some how better than the rest of us and that the common laws do not apply to him. He does not have the support of the common people just check out his gofundme page, he is actually despised in most places. Here in Australia we just regard him as an embarrassing coward who is long on talk and very short on action. There can only be one possible outcome and that is he will have to leave the embassy and stand trial for jumping bail and then fight the inevitability extradition to the U.S.A.