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'Justice Is Not For Sale': Sanders Leads Charge Against For-Profit Prisons



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When this issue comes up in the debate, and I expect it to, many Americans will be aghast that so many prisons are privatized. Let's hope they can be awakened to this and other issues that aren't often (if at all) discussed in the M$M.


Let's start with non-violent drug offenders, please. Really, busting people over possession of small amounts of pot and then driving them into a form of indentured servitude ( Cha ching $$$ ). And, to a court system that can't even offer the accused a competent public defender. What % was it John Oliver quoted recently, 90 some, who's rights to a trial are basically annulled by this " process ". It doesn't get much better up the food chain, either, unless you're at least in the middle class and can get a private attorney. Yikes!


Doesn't Barbara Bush own a few private prisons?


May will, and many will say "so what?"


I'm thinking that when (if) the TTP, TTIP, etc., get pushed through, any of these corporations that are multi-national (and possibly those that aren't) will sue the US Government for loss of profit if this bill passes (which it won't)...


Not only privatized but the Federal Government is under contract to keep those beds at over 70 percent occupancy.


The for profit part of the prison system alone costs taxpayers $80 billion a year. I do not know how the public part of the prison systems costs compare to that--but really. It would be cheaper, probably within 10 years to do what the Knights of Malta advocate and treat mental illness and addictions, both to drugs and alcohol, even in residential treatment centers, than to continue to lock convicts up for fixed-length sentences and then dump them back on the streets at the ends of their sentences with no resources. We used to have public state owned mental hospitals and residential treatment centers for both addicts of illegal drugs and alcoholics that seriously tried to treat the underlying problems that led to convictions and prison sentences rather than merely punishing addicts and drunks, not to mention those mentally ill.


My guess is the Fox News take on this will be: Sanders wants to put criminals and illegal immigrants back on the streets.


Justice has been for-sale, just as the Reps and Dems have been, to the highest bidder. Let's just "privatize" everything and let the Vulture (capitalists) soar. We the People have been sold-out by our "elected" reps of both parties and the "Justice Dept", who treat greed as an 11th commandment, and usury as American as apple-pie. Corporations are "people" right, so no actual person that made the decisions need be held accountable for crimes "the corporation" commits - just the cost of doing business!

The Holder "Justice" dept was arguably the worst, most corrupt, ever, selling "deals" like donuts to corporate criminals, political thieves, and financial parasites - as pathetic a display as ever seen, and the "change we can believe-in" Prez was in it up to his neck! One can only shudder at a repub AG & Justice dept. and what they would do at the helm.

All that (rant) said, Sanders is taking-on a lot that needs disinfecting, domestically at least and he deserves kudos for that, we must pressure him to enlarge those moral stands to international issues. I must believe a person who sees so much so (apparently) clearly, must also see a greater vision. We need a Jeremy Corbyn here. Our politics are so thoroughly corrupt that candidates must play (at least part of) the game here. The Brits made a great choice in Corbyn and his integrity, will we, can we?


Nobody should EVER go to jail for simply being an addict. It should properly be treated as the health problem it is, not a criminal one, and I don't consider someone over 21 blowing a little pot to be a health problem or a criminal problem. That does not include stealing or assaulting people to get money to buy drugs, that is a theft problem, and a separate issue, but should also include drug treatment while incarcerated to keep the offender from relapsing. Portugal decriminalized ALL drugs several years ago, and the rapture/wrath of God did not happen there. In fact, I understand that overall drug addiction there is actually DOWN.


There's little scarier than private, for-profit prisons.


Yes, some statistics claim it costs more to incarcerate a person for four years than it does to send them to college for four years.


the contracts to keep the prisons & detention centers full are for 90% and above capacity


so i guess w3e shosuld jsut lie down & die???and you are WRONG about Bernie Sanders: he's NOT a "right-centerist"---though that's a great description of Killary Clinton. Sanders is a progressive.


And don't forget NPR!


I've said many times that Bernie Sanders is great on Domestic Policy. (There are a few things I disagree with him on, though.)

This is another example of his being great on Domestic Policy.

It is an important part of the reform of our criminal justice system. We also should:

1) End the drug war and legalize drugs (not just weed, but all of them.)

2) Have a presidential pardon for all existing drug convictions.

3) Make prisons safe for the inmates.

4) Use alternative sentencing as much as possible.

5) Really finance the public defender system so the non-rich accused get equal legal coverage as the rich do.

6) Federalize the investigation, indictment process, and prosecution of police who shoot unarmed suspects.


So this is the new CON-JOB from the GOP who are scared of Bernie:

"He's not pure enough. He's a Right Winger!"

You're not fooling anybody with this nonsense. Sanders has always been Left of the Clintons, with only Ralph Nader further left.


Bill, could you please let us know the progress of your efforts to build a movement to overthrow the current system? We need to be more aware of the efforts you're making in this area and the success you're having.