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Justice Jumping Genres


Justice Jumping Genres

Brian Bienkowski, Environmental Health News

There I was in a mid-March snowstorm riding shotgun in a truck heading south through the Crow reservation in Montana. I made a stupid comment to break the silence: “Man, there is nothing out there.”

Crow member and my guide for the day, Emery Three Irons, politely corrected me: “There’s a lot out there.”

I saw an empty vastness. Three Irons saw a landscape of history and culture, and all of the splendor and pain attached to both.


The right to "free, prior and informed consultation" is a phrase in a context of indigenous rights everyone should have on file for ready reference.
Convention 169 (Entry into force: 05 Sep 1991)Adoption: Geneva, 76th ILC session (27 Jun 1989) - Status: Up-to-date instrument (Technical Convention).

International in scope, it is invaluable in terms of understanding any potential abuses by a Drumph administration. Note particularly in the context of Standing Rock, the nexus between respect for Indigenous Rights IN PROCESSES regarding lands and sovereignty, and how failure to respect those rights impacts all of us.

An introduction to better understanding of these nexuses is eminently readable in "COYOTE WARRIOR". These parts of US history need to be brought into daily conversation - and watch the coherence of conversations sky rocket!


Pipelines and water crises have hit many communities besides Standing Rock and Flint, but failed to capture the attention of media, the imagination of the broader public.


"Poor, often minority, communities are still poisoned by a toxic directly linked to criminal behavior and reduced IQs."

I suspect it also explains the behaviour of Trump and others such as Nixon. Irritable, intolerant, living on a short fuse and potentially violent.After all, Washington DC's water is reticulated in lead pipes, is it not?


Sharing the ugly legacy of abuses by legislatures such as under "eminent domain" also reintroduces the necessity of alliances paying attention to ... tada... another aspect of the fossil fuel oligarchy.... ALEC and its Koch habit. And if I recall correctly they have been buying tickets to the local and state shows, snuggling their bottom feeders into the seats of state legislatures, and we all know what that means.


The Evironmental Health News and The Daily Climate, good to know.

All in all, an article brimming with great, usable, enabling info.