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Justice Not Revenge: Palestine Submits Evidence of Israeli War Crimes to ICC


Justice Not Revenge: Palestine Submits Evidence of Israeli War Crimes to ICC

In "a test for the credibility of international mechanisms (the) world cannot afford to fail," the Palestinian authority has submitted its first evidence of Israeli war crimes to the International Criminal Court. The dossier charges Israel with apartheid and 22 other crimes in the assault on Gaza, settlements on occupied lands, and the treatment of Palestinian prisoners. The U.S. called the move "counter-productive" and Israel called it an attempt to "manipulate." Many others called it a quest for justice.


I personally have very little faith in either the USAn justice/ legal system or in the International Criminal Court and no faith at all in the morals of the leaders of either Israel or the United States. In fact, when these entities cast aspersions upon Palestinians like “counter-productive” and “attempt to manipulate,” I become almost certain that the appeal to ICC by Palestine is most certainly justified. I am also convinced that the ICC will not find in favor of the victims.


If there is no justice in this court then at least the cover will have been blown and one can wonder if it continues to provide a humane face on an inhumane system.That isn’t the outcome I prefer but it’s one I fear is far more likely.


Here is to a Jew-free Judea.


Commenters who look for a condemnation of Israeli war crimes do not understand: Jews are a superior race, so Israelis are never to be held accountable for their crimes.


Gosh Zionist Troll, a war crime is omnipresent, much like candy. Netanyahu is often pregnant. A stumbling ICC stands upon somebody else’s legs. A late night gambles with lives, happiness, and even destiny itself!

The light at the end of the tunnel shot the sheriff!


You are conflating Jews and Israel. They are not one and the same. Jews worldwide are not responsible for the actions of Israel, Israelis are.