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Justice Protectors, Let’s Take Action Inauguration Day


Justice Protectors, Let’s Take Action Inauguration Day

Ted Glick

I’m not sure how many Inauguration Day protests in DC I’ve been to over the years. The one I distinctly remember is January 20th, 2001, George W. Bush’s first inauguration. There was a similar political dynamic then as the upcoming Trump one. A reactionary Republican was taking office, and progressives were very concerned about what it would mean across a broad range of issues.


Both Trump and Bush used the same campaign strategy of dividing the country with the hope of getting the majority. Bush did not get the majority the first time he ran but still won in the electoral college and so did Trump. One of those strange historical facts I guess. The mess Bush created in Iraq will now be Trump's problem. No doubt Trump will blame Obama for everything as if Bush was not the person who decided to invade Iraq. After all, didn't Obama and Hillary Clinton create ISIS. As absurd as that statement is I think many of Trump's gullible hoard of supporters believe it.


"[N]onviolently militant": Yes, total, rolling, non cooperation!


Demonstrations need signs. Since I can't be there, I will at least donate a sign idea:

"You Aren't Welcome In THE PEOPLES' House!"

"Go Sleep With The Electoral College!"


I would like to propose that January 20 be declared a Day of Non-Participation. We have all watched DT assemble his Cabinet. He remains the liar, the bigot, the xenophobe, the inciter of violence and hate crimes, the elitist, narcissist, fascist, bully, con artist he has always been. We cannot endorse such a man to be President of the United States. Too many men and women have died protecting our great Republic. We cannot and must not fail to fight just as courageously here at home for what so many have given their lives for. The Day of Non-Participation and a following Day of Swift Action are our way of using what power we have to resist the evil that is now taking root in our great country. We must not sit around and wait and see. DT’s intentions couldn’t be clearer.

January 20, 2017: Day of Non-Participation
****No unnecessary travel/ stay home/ call in sick****
Wear black if you must go out. To protest the swearing in of DT. Also, to underscore how impotent we will be if we choose, at this critical time, to isolate ourselves from each other and do not organize.
**** No Cell phones or computers****: To begin the process of becoming more invisible to the on-coming wave of anticipated surveillance.
**** No TV or Radio****: to boycott the corporate media and their fake news and to acknowledge their part in the election of DT. To acknowledge the grave harm they have done to our Republic in the name of the Almighty Dollar and bogus reporting. To enact our own “news” black-out of the Inauguration.
**** No buying from big box stores or fast food chains****. We have had enough of big corporations offering us low prices at the expense of their workers. We are sick to death of corporate cries of poverty and precarious “bottom lines” as these giants continue to rake in record profits. We reject corporate welfare while the middle class is being robed blind.
**** No purchase of gasoline****. Let the big oil companies and the fossil fuel industry feel a bite from us for a change. Going forward, let us dare to resolve to fight back in whatever way we can, against the colossal global power of the fossil fuel industry that is literally and knowingly destroying the planet. Congressional climate deniers (minions of the oil corporations) must be exposed and eventually voted out.
**** All lights off.**** Spend a night in darkness. Focus on what is important to you, your children and their children’s children.
**** No unnecessary conversation****: to bring awareness to how our collective voices and the 1st Amendment are in real danger under this fascist child-president who cannot tolerate dissent.
**** Resolve to close accounts at large banks that have invested in the pipelines****: Citibank, Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, etc have invested money in pipelines such as the Dakota Pipeline at Standing Rock. Never forget the brutality we all observed there and the complicity of the corporate media, the police, the big banks, the fossil fuel industry, and investors including DT. Their fight
has not ended and there is talk from the new administration about privatizing Indian Reservations and our parks to gain access to natural resources.

It will be a day of planning how best to resist DT’s dismantling of our Republic and laying waste to the planet. Make no mistake. DT is already aggressively assembling a cabinet chosen to advance the interests of the 1%. Don’t wait to see what happens next, like we all did in the primaries. We don’t need any more information. Come out of the gate at a gallop. Plan your strategy and then ACT.

January 21, 2017: Day of Swift Action:
The day after our Day of Non-Participation, we will all participate in some kind of ACTION.
• Donate.
• March.
• Write an Op-Ed. Educate
• Meet with your friends. Organize. Strengthen your community.
• Join the Women’s March in DC. or in your own state
• Schedule to give a talk on Activism.
• Meet with you legislators.
• Boycott.
• Close accounts.
Do whatever you choose but please keep reaching out to one another. Do not isolate yourself. ORGANIZE!

If you agree this would be a good thing, please disseminate to your membership, friends, and beyond.


Why do you say a non majority win for both Bush and Trump is a strange historical fact? Is this sarcasm? They won the same way... by unconstitutional vote supression. This is a case of "fool me once". Shame on us that we didn't dismantle this criminal construct sometime during the 16 year interval....Instead it's only become more widespread and in many more states. We should consumer boycott the lot of them until they get their voting practices back to being constitutionally just.


When it comes to "justice," a chunk of the country has been shut out for years -- the poor. Not everyone is able to work, and there aren't jobs for all. That's reality. America stripped them of the most basic human rights of food and shelter. Where does "justice" come in?


We will get up in the morning, work hard, and play be all the rules. We have no options.