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'Justice Rooted in Compassion': Asian, Black Progressives Stress Unity and Understanding Amid Attacks on Asian Americans

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/21/justice-rooted-compassion-asian-black-progressives-stress-unity-and-understanding


Often those most easily cajoled into bullying others are those who are steeped in self doubt or even full-blown self hatred. [Wrongly] Sensing their abuse of others to somehow be curative of their own woes, they perpetuate their behavior as some sort of therapy. January 6th, 2021 saw one massive group therapy session gone awry. It is clear that these people need help, just not the “cure” that they are seeking.

The song You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught (how to hate and fear) from South Pacific is right on point:



It is good to see Asians and Blacks working together to fight racism. California recently had violence against Asians and many people blame Asians for the Corona Virus. I am Indian and am lucky I am not in California right now.


Trump was intent on blaming China for Covid and fanned more racism. Unfortunately many Americans take their cue from their fearful leader.


It is the “otherism” at which this, and so many other societies, unfortunately excel. Recently my sister-in-law lost her mother, a beautiful, wise and gracious woman from Okinawa. We all miss her dearly. When I saw the video of the elderly Chinese woman assaulted in Queens recently I was appalled by the violence, heartened the internet was instrumental in finding the perpetrator, but puzzled he escaped unscathed. I remember defending my friend Takako every Pearl Harbor Day as a child, often physically; happily cheering next to my friend June when fellow cheerleaders whispered behind her back. While serving in Korea my boyfriend was a Korean linguist and we often visited, shopped and dined in areas other Americans never saw. There’ve been even more friends, coworkers, acquaintances, encounters and more throughout my lifetime. I daresay yours, too.

DNA, as Henry Louis Gates, Jr. points out, shows we are 99.9% the same. We are all part of the same human family. Acknowledge, respect and celebrate our differences but do not use them as yardsticks of our humanity. After all, it is merely .1%.


Racism is extant here in Canada as well and there have been attacks on persons of Asian origin over this pandemic. Unlike many other ills in society the fight against Racism is very much a peoples struggle that has to happen at the grassroots level. Governments can only do so much here. The rest is on us. I am always grateful to those people who witness racism occurring , be it in Canada the USA or elsewhere who stand up to the racist bully on behalf of the person being victimized.


I don’t think it is/was Trump leading this bandwagon at all. He was just a cheerleader. I think racism is part of Western war and defense mentality. Biden is not saying enough.

Al Jazeera just printed a piece about the FBI method used in eliminating Malcolm X.


Wasn’t he the one that always insisted on calling it the “China virus” and he would always pronounce ‘China’ in a strange way? When the potential racist overtone of that approach was pointed out to him he doubled down with Wuhan flu and Kung flu.I agree that racism is deep in America but it sure seems as if he propelled and emboldened racists of all stripes to come out of the woodwork. I don’t see what other than racism is his appeal to the non wealthy of his supporters. He certainly didn’t drain the swamp and he certainly didn’t improve the lives of the working class. Yes the racist bandwagon was always here and there has always been someone willing to cheer it on. MLK, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton and others are in a long list of black activists that get cut down as soon as their influence is starting to get people’s attention.


Imagine all that energy of 1/6 directed toward the real culprit… the separatist system in which the rise of some necessitates the oppression of others. Imagine all of us insisting on a just system for all instead of stereotyping and blaming each other for our woes. How can we work together for this shift?


The health of the state is war-Goebbels.
People do not want war. So we have to lie to them, make them fearful enough to overcome their natural inclination for peace. Therefore, we continue to lie until war comes-Goebbels
Saddam Hussein has enough weapons of mass destruction to kill Americans. Therefore, we must invade Iraq to prevent them from bringing war to us-George W. Bush
Bad hombres are invading the US from Mexico. Real bad hombres. They don’t send us their best. They send rapists, gang members, drug pushers. There’s a caravan of them coming right now to invade the US. We need to build that big beautiful wall, and Mexico will pay for it!-Donald J Trump
We’ve been lied to by leaders as a species for thousands of years. When the cultures ruled by domination interact with ones that don’t even have a word for “lie”, they swoop in and take what they want. We’re at a point where the lies of the Rulers of the US, having done a good job in taking our culture global, are pointed at us. We’re the ones for the chop, and it’s easy to make us hate each other while they reap the rewards.
I really hope, this time, enough of us can overcome these lies with truth, linking up with our brothers and sisters in Myanmar, Catalan, Libya, Ethiopia,the farmers in India, anywhere the elites are trying to keep us down and at war with each other. Why do I suspect a link between this eruption of racism against Asians with the plight of farmers in India protesting Big Agra’s war against them?
For myself, I choose peace.


I’d say looking at the past and trying to understand why all such endevors ultimately failed would be a good start.
One thing every attempt at a more egalitarian society has in common is that they ignore the reality of sociopaths and psychopaths, because the existence of these monsters are a relatively new discovery.
Until a generation or so ago we really had no idea that there were actually humans born without humanity, nor did we understand their pathology and why they so often succeed at claiming power.
Until we rid ourselves completely of the ruling psychopaths (and any potential successors) we can achieve nothing that will last.


racism against Asians has been an American thing since the capitalists started importing Asians to work as wage slaves in the mines and on the railroads–many racist laws have been made to control the Asian population–and when WW11 happened we sent thousands to prison camps and used their race as an excuse to steal the Asian’s property(still stolen after all these years)–this is nothing new --just the continuation of the white racism that has been the hallmark of American civil society since(and before) the founding of our nation by racist slave owning genocidal land stealing white men


This is simply Trump policies which flowed from Regan policies, which flowed from Nixon policies coming home to roost. This is where the GOP has been headed for 50 years, and should come as NO SURPRISE

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I guess it is on me, as an Asian American, to say what this article and others dance around, the crime that dares not speak its name, and that this is about black on Asian violence. The majority of these crimes are committed by blacks against Asians, not the other way around, not most often committed by whites against Asians, not committed by Latinos or Jews or Muslims or any other group predominately. And yes, Trump and the media and other politicians have made it worse by their politicization of the pandemic. So too has the war machine that uses the media to scapegoat and fear monger China (like Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia, Laos, etc) and will continue to do so in the Biden administration, as the US cannot tolerate another country surpassing us. But the problem of black on Asian violence goes back many years and you can find accounts of it in the few instances that the media cared enough to mention it. Blacks attacked Asians during the LA riots and have done so many times besides that. Asian businesses are targeted, Asian peoples’ homes invaded, Asians attacked on the streets because they are assumed to have money because they work hard and are frugal, Asians attacked because they are believed to be resistant to reporting crime (often because they know nothing will be done about it). A few years ago, the black principal of a high school in South Philadelphia ignored the pleas of Asian students who were being threatened, harassed, and beaten by groups of black students. She said the Asian students should keep a lower profile and not anger the black students. Yes, I understand that white supremacy is the cause of black Americans being poor and feeling their plight is hopeless and that will cause people to feel violence is their only option. But Asian Americans also suffer discrimination at the hands of white supremacist policies and Asian Americans have nothing, not one thing, to do with the plight of African Americans. It is way past time for progressives to acknowledge black on Asian violence but they have refused to do so historically because there are not enough Asians in America to matter to them and they don’t want to anger their base.


Does this mean that the Asian community will get off the sidelines and actually engage and join with persons of color who historically have shouldered the burden of protecting social justice and doing meaningful anti-racism work that benefits all persons of color in the US or is this going to be a one time, single issue thing of protecting Asian communities while continuing to avoid and refusing to work with Black and Brown folks?
I seriously doubt that the Asian American community will show up in meaningful numbers to fight for civil rights and instead will continue to stay silent, and reap the benefits gained by the work and actions of US born Blacks and other US born persons of color to secure social justice.
Where are the Asian communities in the struggle and why do they collectively avoid working with Black Americans to achieve social and racial justice for all Americans?

From the article:

City Council President Nikki Fortunato Bas said the way to address racist violence is "by getting to the root causes of what causes violence and crime, violence, and poverty."

"That’s healthcare, education, housing, jobs," said Fortunato Bas.

And at the close:

Lau stressed the importance of unified action, including “building a multiracial coalition to fight against systemic racism” and demanding that "our government invest in our community—education, healthcare, housing—instead of the prison industrial complex and in corporations."

At the root of white supremacy, is colonizing and looting. The construct of white supremacy was created by “enlightened” and “liberal” Europeans to “justify” their carrying out of mass murder, enslavement, and grand theft continental.

The reverberations of racism throughout USA history will not be easily uprooted without going after the root causes: looting, colonizing, “concentration of wealth,” capitalism, neoliberalism.

We need to learn to reject ongoing justifications for the existence of a looting class, justifications for the economy that has been structured to serve the interests of a looting class, with its endless distraction and propaganda, its “dog-eat-dog” competition and “divide-and-conquer” separations and divisions that funnel ever more wealth to the tiniest sliver of humanity and pit everyone else against everyone else.

Corporations, and the prison-industrial complex, were invented and developed to serve the looting class. Racism and white supremacy have been among their primary tools to keep us distracted, separated, not focused on the looters.

We need an entirely different economy, built on a foundation of solidarity and humility, not division and supremacy. As long as this present economy keeps operating, it keeps fueling racism and division.

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Give us a break!
Asian have nothing to do with the plight of Blacks?
Asian owned businesses based in Black communities have historically not hired Blacks to work in their businesses.
Asian Americans do not join in the fight for inclusiveness and racial justice, but enjoy all the gains earned by the Black struggle for universal human rights.
Name one Asian American civil and racial rights leader.
Name one asian American leader engaged in working with Black and Brown folks for civil rights.
Name one Asian American who was lynched or killed fighting for civil and racial rights.
Name one Asian American civil rights organization who has been or who is currently working with organizations of color to achieve civil rights.
Name one AA prominent civil rights leader that most American would know.

Wow, jumping in feet first with divide-and-conquer, blame “the other” rhetoric that serves the looting class. plant1, serving the oligarchy with ignorance and distraction!

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Calling out the AA community for being no shows in the struggle for human rights in AmeriKKKa, is not dividing us, the lack of earnest engagement by the AA community is very real and cannot go unchallenged and called out.
Stop using self serving excuses, and get involved in fighting for human rights.

So, what have you personal done to end racism and bigotry?
My guess is that you are most likely white or Asian, and know absolutely nothing about Asian-Black community relations, and the lack of AA showing up in the struggle for rights in AmeriKKKa.