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'Justice Rooted in Compassion': Asian, Black Progressives Stress Unity and Understanding Amid Attacks on Asian Americans

My guess is you are very ignorant, and will continue pointing fingers at anyone except the looting class who pit us against each other.

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Right on schedule, someone here justifying racist violence against Asian Americans. I expect no less and am never wrong to expect it. Yes, plant1, it is the African American who has been wronged and oppressed by Asian Americans. Asians deserve violence from blacks because you fail to see any evidence that they fit your expectations of activism. Why don’t you give me a break from the ignorance!

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I believe you’ve come closer to the truth, than other commentors. I am continually asking why. Why are black males attacking asian. Why is white supremacy blamed for black males attacking asians. Why do we have white supremacy,? Why did poor whites flee europe for the americas? Why did plantation owners turn from the useage of poor white indentured servants (a more benign form of slavery), to black chattel slavery.

We live in tumultuous time. We need to take a deeper look at the issues facing us. This is not about white supremacy or racism. White supremacy, and racism including black and asian racism, and all racism is not the disease. They are symptoms of a disease.

We need to stop the blaming and shaming. MLK, Malcolm X and Fred Hampton understood this. If you demonize any group based upon race, and sex, how does that differ from white supremacy?

If poor people of all color ever realize we have more in common with each other than we have with rich people who happen to have the same color skin as we do, then we can move the heavens!

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Just an FYI, vicha was killed by a black male. Not sure what white supremecy has to do with anything. Technically it is a majority white country, and whites have done a lot to welcome minorities to become part of the American dream, otherwise they would have closed the borders down to non-whites long ago and started kicking blacks out.

[quote=“plant1, post:17, topic:88039”]
1.Name one Asian American civil and racial rights leader.
2.Name one asian American leader engaged in working with Black and Brown folks for civil rights.
3.Name one Asian American who was lynched or killed fighting for civil and racial rights.
4.Name one Asian American civil rights organization who has been or who is currently working with organizations of color to achieve civil rights.
5.Name one AA prominent civil rights leader that most American would know.

  1. Yuri Kochiyama
  2. Richard Aoki (a founding member of the Black Panthers)
  3. Hundreds of Chinese in the US were lynched or killed for speaking up for racial rights in the 1800’s.
  4. Letter For Black Lives
  5. That most Americans wouldn’t know of any AA civil rights leaders is a function of media ignoring them, not that they don’t exist.