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#JusticeForJane: Abortion Rights Activists Rally as US Govt Holds Teen 'Hostage'

#JusticeForJane: Abortion Rights Activists Rally as US Govt Holds Teen 'Hostage'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"What this administration is doing to Jane is what they'd do to every woman in this country if they could," says advocate as government attempts to block teen from having procedure

#JusticeForJane rally

I don’t get it. They want an illegal to have a baby, no matter what? That baby would be an American citizen. (unless that also changed while we slept). So she would now have a much better chance of being granted legal status. Is that the master plan to reform immigration law?


It seems that the Funny-Dementalists are bound & determined to create their own opposition – except that once the baby is born if it isn’t deported they’ll make sure it gets no medical care or any other benefits that
all citizens SHOULD get, and good “christian educators” like DeVos* will make sure that it’s brainwashed in-
to believing that its suffering is gawd’s will – if it survives long enough to even go to school, that is.

*  “Christian educators” — now there’s an oxymoron if there ever was one!


This person is not a citizen of this country, yet the RtL busy bodies feel it is their right to impose their personal views against abortion to prevent a foreigner from doing what she feels is best for her life, perhaps preventing economic issues from destroying two lives when the woman goes further into poverty when one mouth to feed turns into one more, maybe even two or three or more being possible.

I have yet to see anyone from the RtL crowd step up and provide care, or assistance, especially financial assistance to those women; or to their resulting children; who have been prevented from doing what is a very personal, but sometimes necessary choice, especially if the life of the mother could be compromised, or if there may be birth defect issues that could be detrimental to the child with no simple resolution or remedy.

There are many options available to prevent pregnancy, but the RtL crowd and their Republican friends don’t seem to want organizations like Planned Parenthood to provide services that could reduce the desire or need for abortion services. It’s like their only interest is to treat women as baby factories, no matter what the negative aspects of an increasing population on finite food and resources may be.


“While Jane Doe remains approximately 15 weeks pregnant (Texas bans abortion after 20 weeks), the Circuit Court has yet to issue a final ruling on the case.”
*The court will dither and quibble for six! weeks, then deliver their decision that the abortion is legal, a few days after the Texas deadline has screwed her.
*Then they will say, “We tried, but the issue was so convoluted it took weeks to straighten it out.” They may even send Jane an apology.
*Sheesh! Sometimes I wish I hadn’t studied the history of the Third Reich. Then this could all come as a surprise, rather than deja vu.
*I’ve wondered for a long time, as this Fascist claptrap increases and is more in our face every time, the level of contempt for the citizens subjects of the Fourth Reich grows greater, and they posture even more in the House and Senate.
*I’m beginning to think that this acceleration of theft and cruelty is to get us to finally rise up in revolt. They probably expected it quite a while ago, but most of the people are so docile they just keep putting up with it. Eventually they will go so far that we will rise.
*Then, martial law! The military on every corner, the secret lists will appear and the Bush no-bid KBR concentration camps will fill up. I suppose the “final solution” won’t be far behind. Many returning combat units have been trained by NorthCom in “Suppressing civil dissent.”


I agree that they will probably screw around so long that the young woman will have no choice. I am sure that all these right-to-lifers will be only too happy to send the woman and her unwanted baby back to where they came from.

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I think you have gotten to the essential truth of the matter, Chubbles.