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#JusticeforJane Step Closer as Full Appeals Court Affirms Teen's Body Is "Her Own"


#JusticeforJane Step Closer as Full Appeals Court Affirms Teen's Body Is "Her Own"

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"The court of appeals recognized what we knew all along: This was an egregious overreach, & abortion access is a human right."

pro-choice protest


You might have thought that the racist knuckle-draggers would go all in for preventing the birth of even one “anchor baby,” but that would have indicated logical consistency—a trait sadly lacking in those quarters.

When I worked in my local emergency room (admittedly many years ago), pregnancy conferred “emancipated minor” status on a teen, meaning she could make her own choices regarding treatment and could sign her own consent forms. If this has changed, I was unaware; also this probably varies from state to state.

Someday—sooner rather than later, thank you—we’ll evolve past the idea that government should have veto power over anybody’s reproductive decisions.


I wonder what happened to the fetus involved. Has the abortion taken place? Is it too late for an abortion?


The NY Times reported that she terminated her pregnancy.


Now, if we can, we should extend the same rights to women living in states where many false roadblocks have been erected to prevent U. S. Citizens from obtaining their constitutional rights to the same medical procedures.


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