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Justifiable Anger Fuels Trump's Hold on Power and Democrats Still Don't Seem to Get It


Justifiable Anger Fuels Trump's Hold on Power and Democrats Still Don't Seem to Get It

John Atcheson

Pundits, progressives and the press seem perplexed by Trumpism. How can a narcissistic, fascist, incompetent conman—whose White House seems always on the verge of chaos; whose own appointees fear that he’ll do something so insane that they snatch papers off his desk; whose positions mouth populism while serving the ultra-rich; a man so obviously over his head and out of his league it’s painful to watch—how can this man inspire any support, let alone take over a national party, they ask?


Yes, the Democrats are often beholden to corporate “big money” & as a result are often harmful & even deadly.
But, the Republicans are much, much more harmful & deadly!

So let me ask: what percentage of Trump supporters are being harmed by Trump and his policies?
And when will those Trump supporters realize he’s harming them – & then turn against Trump & his policies?


One thing all the Trump voters who I know have in common is that they always blame somebody else for all their problems…they take responsibility for nothing.

Most of Trump’s cult 45 voters will never admit that Trump screwed them because that would be tantamount to their taking responsibility for voting for him…and the will never take responsibility for anything.

Cult 45 will never stop using the “Hillary would have been worse” excuse we have already been hearing ad nauseum from them.


Oh, the inside party dems get it, and they are complicit and why nothing has changed with the leadership or direction of the party.


After a concise and cogent analysis, we come at last to the kernel (form the article):

“But it can only happen if we turn out and vote against the demagogues and plutocrats who are running the country now.”

According to Mr. Atcheson’s own analysis, “demagogues and plutocrats” are a thoroughly bipartisan bunch; and, of course, there is no “none of the above” option on the ballot. So either we vote FOR the ususal “lesser-of-two-evils” expecting a different result, or cast a vote AGAINST BOTH evils by voting FOR Greens, independents or write-ins.

D-bot tut-tutting begins in 3,2,1…


Possibly never. You can’t fix stupid…


Basically Trump has one issue, and that is immigration. It is the issue that got him most of the votes.And the Democrats have had trouble dealing with it. Trump’s main proposals were build a wall along the Mexican border and have a comprehensive ban on Muslims entering the US. He also proposed deporting all 11 million undocumented immigrants. Unlike the Democrats Trump only appeals to white people. The Democrats have not been able to deal with the immigration issue in a way that millions of white people find acceptable. The Democrats do want to limit immigration only to people of European origin. The Democrats want to allow many thousands of Muslim refugees to immigrate to the US. The Democrats want to give the undocumented immigrants a pathway to citizenship. These views of the Democrats do infuriate many white people and Trump was able to exploit this anger. His success was based on lying. He claimed the undocumented immigrants were committing rape and murder. He claimed the US was letting Muslim terrorists enter the country. The Democrats stuck to the truth and many people believed Trump’s lies rather than the truth. The big problem the Democrats have is millions of white people would rather hear lies that confirm their biases rather than hear the truth that doesn’t confirm their biases. Because these people are so biased their anger is easily stoked by the lies of a demagogue like Trump. The Democrats get it, democracy depends on the truth. Their problem is millions of white people would rather hear lies…


lots of trump supporters are affluent and white and don’t want to pay taxes for services that “lazy undeserving” people of color get for free. Lots of trump supporters are middle or working class and white who don’t want to pay taxes for services that “ lazy undeserving” people of color get for free. Lots of trump supporters are rabid anti- choicers


Trump is the whiniest president I’ve ever seen. His rallies are nothing but grievance fests that we taxpayers are subsidizing.


PS: Our system of Elections is rigged and has always been rigged

Purges, “White out” – and all the way to Electronic Voting Computers which still
have no print out receipts – and which are hack-able over telephone lines and via satellites.


Trump has a formula for keeping cult 45 revved up and angry.

I’m at a loss when it comes to delineating what the d-party strategy is.


Sorry John, the Democrats got it a long time ago as the fake opposition party.


PS on my post – just found out that our town will have the new computers
which supply a paper trail for this election – and the computers are on view
at some of our local county buildings before the election, beginning about now.


Yes, the truth is that, indeed, both parties are complicit in this; and equally so. It’s just that
their respective operations present differently. Dem Pres. Johnson famously complained,
after being forced by popular pressure to pass the 1964-5 Civil Rights Laws, that, “This will
lose us the South,” meaning the WHITE South. Not long after, top Dem leaders opted for
aligning with big corporate power and Wall St. as funders and as agenda setters. While
intoning that they only served working and middle class needs. Note that these same
highest level Dems managed to avoid noticing that the GOP had simultaneously erected
one of the most savagely cynical programs, The Southern Strategy (google it!). The SS
was designed to both pander to simmering prejudices, insularity and ignorance among a
very large minority of Whites and to sow disinformation throughout working and middle
class people across the nation. The great divide is just one monstrous result. Both parties
are gearing up to help their respective sovereigns in the elite in the latest quagmire of
big capital greed for diminishing world markets…This happened prior to both WWI and
WWII. War anybody?