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Justifying the Saudi Slaughter in Yemen


Justifying the Saudi Slaughter in Yemen

Gareth Porter

The Obama administration has carried out a deliberately deceptive campaign accusing Iran of covertly sending arms to the Houthis by sea, a claim that Washington cites to help justify the Saudi massive air attack against the Houthis that began last year.

By repeating the accusation over and over, the administration has been largely successful in turning a dubious allegation into accepted fact, even though it is contradicted by evidence that is well-documented on the public record.


As Goebbels suggested "when caught in a lie just keep repeating the lie over and over again as the truth". These are the guys the US imported from Germany during operation paperclip to set up the US Intelligence services.

this is right out of the Fascist playbook.


A pleasure to see Gareth Porter's excellent work continue - always well researched on the details but never losing sight of the larger agenda's involved.
Without people like Porter keeping us informed of the underlying details our warmongers would likely be getting away with even greater crimes...