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Juvenile Justice and the War on Teens


Juvenile Justice and the War on Teens

Robert C. Koehler

“Fundamental to this process is the idea of ‘collective responsibility’ . . .”

The study, released earlier this year, is called: “What Can the Cook County Juvenile Court Do to Improve Its Ability to Help Our Youth? A Juvenile Justice Needs Assessment.”


Every job pulled from the private sector to be done behind bars is a war on juveniles that could use that job to stay out from behind those bars.


I noticed that all the teens in the picture are black or brown.

Instead of incarceration, white oligarchs who inherited their wealth from slaver ancestors and whose War on Drugs sends minorities to prison to keep them from voting for liberals, should be paying reparations.


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It’s enlightening and encouraging to see that Bob Kohler uses the term wars in new ways. This is one of the many urgent conflicts to be addressed by a new way to to activism. Maybe Mr. Kohler is awakening to the reality that the absence of wars, bombs and guns, is not the only reason human beings wish for peace. Peace is the absence of fear. #repeace