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Kabul Attack Kills Dozens, Including Women and Children


Kabul Attack Kills Dozens, Including Women and Children

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

At least 28 people are dead and hundreds are wounded after a suicide bomb and gun assault on a government security building in Kabul, Afghanistan on Tuesday morning.

The Taliban has reportedly claimed responsibility for what Reuters called "the most deadly single attack in the Afghan capital since 2011."


Insurgent = impediment to Empire, Inc.'s profitability


“Today’s attack shows the insurgents are unable to meet Afghan forces on the battlefield and must resort to these terrorist attacks,” Nicholson said.

Am I the only one who reads this and finds it twisted beyond comprehension? That has got to rank among the most self-serving brain-dead assertions of distortion of all time.


A good place for a new Walmart. Call Hillary for a photo op.


Yes and just before the recent attacks John Kerry left Kabul after saying that with the help of the United States the Afghan security forces are now able to oversee a stable, peaceful Afghanistan, bleh, bleh bleh.

They just say whatever comes into their head at the moment or maybe it’s on page 133 of the perception management manual. In any case, it’s best not to give any credibility whatsoever to this nonsense. It is way beyond bullsh*t, it has long since become painfully embarrassing. Hedges once said that when empires decline they go insane. It’s worse. As this empire declines, they are reduced to infantile blabber. So pathetic to watch.


How many times has this headline appeared:
INSERT PLACE NAME Attack Kills Dozens, Including Women and Children.

My college age kids have literally been reading the same headline their entire lives. My oldest child used this headline for his first current event. My daughter has only faint memories of 9-11, which we rehashed last year when she was studying abroad, so she could satisfy her peer’s curiosity. This headline had already been repeated numerous times before her first current events report, and was discarded by her as old news. Certainly the Corporate-Owned News believes it to be old news, or it would be part of the debate.

Perpetual war is not an option, but it has become the fabric of existence for so many people, and it fails to draw viewers and the advertising dollars that come with it.

Afghanistan has become managed deja vu.


According to many reports the Taliban control more of Afghanistan now than when the US invaded 13 years ago. And this has been corroborated by an acquaintance of mine that spent a lot of time in Afghanistan. But the sad part is if you are a war profiteer, it really does not matter! Because Amerika’s business is the trillion $$$$$$$ war business.


The Taliban on their could never carry out such terrorist activities without a lot of help from Pakistani military, the ISI. Pakistan like Israel, Saudi Arabia and now add to the list Turkey have chosen the path of terror in accordance with their marching orders from the CIA. Funny how the US sacrifices by proxy it’s own soldiers for a bigger trophy.


That is not by accident, the US wants to encircle Russia from all side and if the Taliban can’t accomplish their goal then the ISIS might? Based on new reports the ISIS numbers are swelling rapidly inside Afghanistan and Russia is nervous.


That quote is a classic that simply shows the blinkered stupidity of the professional military mind. Back in 1945, the 45 men of Vo Nguyen Giap’s army were not able to meet the French in open battle either. Same with the terrorist Jewish Stern Gang’s destruction of the Kind David Hotel in Jerusalem. And going back to the British retreat from Concord or Lexington or wherever it was; insurgents to the left of them, insurgents to the right of them… And even further back in time in Scotland Robert the Bruce was also once an insurgent spending around 10 years as a cross-border raider before his army flogged the English at the Battle of Bannockburn.


“Today’s attack shows the insurgents are unable to meet Afghan forces on
the battlefield and must resort to these terrorist attacks,” Nicholson

Our fate in Vietnam and Afganistan is similar, was epitomized during negotiations a week before the
fall of Saigon, when an American general told his North Vietnamese counterpart: “You
know you never beat us on the battlefield.” “That may be so,” the
Vietnamese replied, “but it is also irrelevant.” -