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Kansas Kills Trump-Like Tax Cuts in 'Repudiation of Right-Wing Orthodoxy'


Kansas Kills Trump-Like Tax Cuts in 'Repudiation of Right-Wing Orthodoxy'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a move characterized as a decisive rejection of a right-wing experiment that closely resembles the tax proposals President Donald Trump has touted for months, Kansas lawmakers overrode a veto by Republican Governor Sam Brownback on Tuesday night in order to roll back existing tax cuts and


That’s the problem with Facts, they won’t go away.
Orthodoxy on the other hand can’t fool all the time.
Kansas Republicans are seeing the light?

At some point the Republican cult is going to have to meet Reality 101.
Mother Nature owns the rule book on that one.
Unfortunately She measures time in Eons


The Senate overrode the veto 27-13. The House overrode it 88-31.

Can we give support to the Republicans who voted to return to fiscal responsibility.

Senate: has Ed Berger, Hutchinson; Bruce Givens, El Dorado; Dan Kerschen, Garden Plain; Carolyn McGinn, Sedgwick; Richard Wilborn, McPherson

House: Roger Elliott, Daniel Hawkins, Greg Lakin, Wichita; Steven Becker, Buhler; Mary Martha Good, El Dorado; Anita Judd-Jenkins, Arkansas City; Don Schroeder, Hesston


In the excellent non-fiction book, “Sleepwalking Through History” by Haines Johnson, there is large section devoted to the mythological assertions about the “benefits” and economic outcomes from “trickle down economics” (or, piss on the poor). David Stockman, St. Raygun’s budget director (whose clone is now Mulvaney spouting the same merde) and purported mastermind behind TDE, stated after the fact that he knew it would not work but Raygun and his partners in crime were insistent. It was long afterwards that Stockman has been very open and vocal writing and speaking about what a ruse it was and is. One does not have to be a math wizard or econ major to see the inherent fallacy. Supposedly the premise was if you gave huge tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations, that they would then distribute their new found cash flow throughout communities and the nation: the wealthy would donate more to charitable groups and corporations would expand operation and create more jobs…a monumental farce.


How many lives were destroyed before legislators decided it wasn’t in their electoral interest to pour more gasoline on this Kansas prairie fire?

Why should they be congratulated for that?


When treating children (or childish adults as the case may be), reward the good behavior and “ignore” and/or chastise/punish the bad behavior. At least they took steps to roll back the inhumane legislation when faced with the irrefutable evidence of the damages done. Cannot say the same for Brownback (P.O.S.).


I would postulate that we must find a way to engage Republicans to break with the cult and no it won’t be pleasant.

We must draw out the Humanitarian


Author sez: “Kansas Republicans have, for the last several years, been forced to contend with how the tax cuts … have devastated the state’s public services, particularly education and healthcare.”

Your move, Wisconsin …


“I’ve long argued there’s just no evidence to support the claims made by the trickle-downers,” wrote Jared Bernstein, a senior fellow at CBPP, in an op-ed for the Washington Post. But, he added, “If facts could kill the myth of trickle-down tax cuts, I’d have given the eulogy at its graveside lo these many years ago.” -J. Bernstein

Could Commondreams.org quit quoting Jared Bernstein, Ph.D. in Social Welfare, (whatever the fuck that is!) on economic issues related to the working class? He’s not an economist. He’s not on the left. He’s an establishment, status quo Democrat with little interest in bold changes that benefit the working class, poor and elderly. This is proven by his unrepentant support for a backdoor cut to Social Security benefits by using a chained CPI for calculating cost of living increases. Further, it was all horse trading and politics to him without a whit of concern for those affected by the cuts. He argued that these benefit cuts were coming anyway and the Obama administration might as well get something in return for them.



Do the Koch guys and their son, ALEC, live in Kansas or Nebraska?


It was great to read about Kansas. I’m sure the Koch’s aren’t very happy about one of their prime “experiment” states slipping into unabashed “socialism.”


Undoubtedly one of the best news stories of 2017.


Personally, I don’t think the Repubs who elected Donny will change their minds about their “cult” politics until they start to feel the pain of their choices.


Most of our local Trump followers are so good at blaming everybody but themselves for problems they create, that they have found a kindred spirit in Trump and will blame everybody and everything except Trump when he and the GOP finish reaming them.


Absolutely no mention of this on the boob tube but then why would there be? The problem with our method of government is that there is no continuity or innate memory so we are cyclical in our beliefs or more aptly described as gullibility. We are in the throes of the 1890’s Gilded age which ended with a Wall Street’s collapse. Apparently our ability to remember our butts falling off must reoccur every eighty or so years. This next one will be a duesie.


If you are Progressive, I’ll tip my hat. However if you are GOP I would hold that ‘tip’ until I know that you’re not just asking for a handout, because the GOP has been so acerbic and in denial of actual facts that they deserve no accolades unless they start playing by the rules instead of jack-booting the necks of their ‘subjects’.


Finally. FINALLY! Hopefully, the beginnings of a repudiation of the right-wing bullshit of Sam Brownback, one of the country’s worst governors. His “ideology uber alles” politics has done enomrous damage to Kansas and its future. He is central to the book by Thomas Frank called “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” in which people have been conned into voting against their own best interests after being conned with Rethug economic crap. His extremism is also a feature of other Rethug governors and one can hope that they will also see a repudiation in one way or another.


Just to add to your comment. The logic behind Supply Side tax cuts it that people have a choice to work, save and invest. The reason they choose to do any of the three is because of the incentives or rewards for those actions. Therefore, if the after tax rewards for working, saving and investing are increased by cutting taxes on wages for working, interest from saving and profits from investment, then people will choose to work more, save more and invest more. And, if they do, the economy’s total output/income will grow so fast that tax revenue will rise, not fall as common sense indicates after these tax cuts.

Of course, it never ever worked this way after President Reagan’s and President G.W. Bush’s tax cuts. Tax revenues always fall below where they would have been without tax cuts and economic growth has never been fast enough to cause tax revenues to rise to the level they would be without tax cuts. However, that was never the intention. The intention as Mr. Stockman later confessed was to put the government in a fiscal straight jacket as the result of huge deficits and accompanying debt due to the tax cuts. Then the deficits and debt could be used to scare the public and elected representatives into cutting government programs mainly benefiting the working class, poor and elderly such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. This is known as the “starve the beast” strategy in order to force cuts to these popular social insurance programs.

Dr. Paul Krugman wrote a great article detailing this mendacity titled “The Tax Cut Con.” It’s here.



I also ground my teeth a bit when reading this Bernstein statement. One would think that CD would remember the following related article published here in 2012:

Updated and Previously Suppressed Report Still Finds: Tax Cuts for Rich Only Help the Rich – Dec 14, 2012 – John Queally – CommonDreams.

A non-partisan government report, pulled after GOP objection, is back. And its finding won’t make elites happy (again)


Great point —is Michael Hudson ever on these pages?