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Kansas' Tax Cuts Are a Spectacular Failure. Meanwhile, in California


Kansas' Tax Cuts Are a Spectacular Failure. Meanwhile, in California

Tom Steyer

Republican legislators in Kansas did the unthinkable this month: They voted to raise income taxes, ending a painful five-year experiment with an extreme anti-tax agenda introduced by Republican Gov. Sam Brownback.


“The Kansas Experiment is a Failure only if you care about what happens to American Workers and their Families. Clearly Republicans don’t.”

Neither do Corporate DNC Dems.


Good Cop / Bad Cop.

No Major Opposition Party in Existence.


Would not expect these facts to be included in anything written by a “Philanthropist”.


Have any of my fellow peeps on this site seen this?


I was a direct beneficiary of Brownbeck’s policy, being a first year instructor at a college in Central Kansas, was the first to be cut.

I was also in a classroom teaching three classes simultaneously.

The ingenuity of the Jayhawks has been reduced to buying into hate.
There is a reason that Westboro baptist church is based out of Topeka.


Exactly. The focus on the obvious extreme austerity of the Rethugs masks the “kinder/gentler” austerity that the Dems began pushing in earnest under Reagan when the corporate lackey Bill Clinton and DLC thugs took over the Dems on behalf of their capitalist masters, including the Koch Bros.


Anything less than a progressive, graduated tax system based on taxing gross incomes and business/corporate revenues (not “profits”), is destined to fail (the 99%). Also since wealth is so out of balance in the U.S., there have to be massive wealth and inheritance taxes and income/wealth caps.

Finally, because of the existence of the Federal Reserve and “cheap money” for capitalists, transaction taxes need to be installed in all “markets” to stem the bleeding out of capital at the source. Of course we can expect none of these things from either wing of the neolib/neocon Duopoly.


Just as restoring all of FDR’s New Deal financial industry regulations that were decriminalized during the past four decades would immediately slow down wealth transfer from the 99% to the 1%, restoring the IRS income tax code to the way it was prior to what Democrats continue to characterize as "bipartisan 1986 “tax reform” would solve most of the other problems.

Unfortunately both the Democrats and GOP continue to decriminalize New Deal regulations, cut New Deal (and LBJ’s Great Society) programs, and tell us that “tax reform in the spirit of 1986 tax reform is a high priority” (Obama quote).


The epitome of the current collusive, duopolistic approach to governance are the Catfood Commission and the would-be Grand Bargain.

The Obama Administration offers seemingly reasonable, bipartisan solutions, which are sanctified by easily-hoodwinked and complacent D-party sleepwalkers. The fact that these solutions further erode New Deal and Great society achievements are lamented but ultimately ignored.

The Republicans promptly reject these solutions, knowing that the table has been set: further erosion of the safety net is normalized, and the only thing up for debate is by how much and how fast.

Rinse and repeat since my voting lifetime.

As I tell my state rep: you’re almost as liberal as I am, but that D label you wear makes you just another corporate tool.


At least until we’re able to get money and revolving doors out of politics.

Direct Democracy


Not to worry … in 2016 DJT secretly sold Kansas to Putin … soon will no longer be our problem.


LBJ was a murderer, an election fraudster, and a crook who enhanced his fortune with backroom deals. Any good bio of LBJ reveals his criminal machinations.


Although LBJ’s first election in 1964 kicked off the lesser evil election era and I criticized his guns and butter politics every day that he occupied the White House, his track record includes the Civil Rights Act, Medicare and laying groundwork for OSHA and EPA, Despite the politics he played, the 99% gained ground during the LBJ years.

Subsequent to LBJ exiting DC, guns and butter politics steadily gave way to Saint Ron’s guns and NO butter “revolution” that has characterized every POTUS administration of the past three decades plus. Other than some progress on a few social issues (as long as they didn’t cost Wall Street anything) the 99% has been losing big for the past four decades.

If former POTUS LBJ, Nixon, Ford or Carter were to attempt to seek the Democratic nomination today they would be given the Bernie Sanders treatment. The GOP would have them all deported.