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Kashmir Is Potentially The Flashpoint For A Future Nuclear War

Kashmir Is Potentially The Flashpoint For A Future Nuclear War

Arundhati Roy

With his reckless “pre-emptive” airstrike on Balakot in Pakistan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has i


Can you believe it? Another conflict between religious factions over disputed turf?

I know, who could have seen that coming?

And we don’t have to worry because cooler heads will prevail, right?


That is the reality of living in a nuclear world. It is completely out of our hands right now, so why worry about it? If there is a silver lining however the Pakistani leader does realize that this whole situation more or less is just political grandstanding by the far right party in India to shore up support so they can get reelected. Lets hope it doesn’t escalate further. In the meantime just try to enjoy your life.

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I ‘enjoy’ my life just fine, mostly thanks to my wife.

However, we don’t kid ourselves about future prospects. Things are bleak, and getting bleaker.

During the 1980’s energy conservation effort (Carter policy), enough was saved to stop 4 nuke power plants proposed but not built in Wurshingtun State. Oregon decommissioned Trojan same reason. Carpenters built cleaner, healthier, more sturdy homes, many with passive solar. 5 nuke plants down and no waste to rain down like hell upon neighbors, families, innocent and unaware alike. IMPEACHMENT!

What would things look like if it was a democrat president who lied more than once every day and had one-tenth of the dirt Trump has on him? Impeachment.

It isn’t clear to me if the anti-Democratic leaders in governments around the world are there because of Globalization by the oligarchs, or because of the failures of uncontrolled Capitalism by the banks. Or both.
We are in transition to a healthier planet, more equal informational and financial states, or oblivion through wars and climate crisis.
What’ll it be pilgrim?

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Things would no doubt look better without Trump. My own whispy white beard blows in the wind awaiting better times. Could we do with a little less noisy machinery please?

Just a wee detail, but the US of A has no ambassador to Pakistan. The position is not filled and has been empty for quite a while. The current mad, careening Dept. of State is one of the most inept ever.
I hope and pray that this volatile and ego driven (Modi) insanity does not devolve into the worlds worst nightmare, a nuclear lobbing war.
Thank you Ms Roy, for giving us a clear picture of whats the what in your part of the world.

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Assuming we survive this long. I wonder if Modi’s recent extremism is a sign what Trump might do once his reelection comes up. Modi seems to be insane enough to think that he can get a massive win over Pakistan in order to win reelection. People like him really would risk nuclear war rather than respectfully step down it seems.

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Probably not. Try earplugs and noise blocking headphones.

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The Kashmir dispute has the interconnectedness to start a world nuclear war, dragging in other nuclear states as part of their own rivalries, not just a regional one (though catastrophic for the two countries and potentially the planet). Arundhati Roy’s plea, ‘Dear World, find a way’, is simple and moving. Unfortunately the world seems quite sanguine – as if it will not affect them. History tells us otherwise. Every nation/civilization has eventually got the war it was trying to avoid – destruction. This is more pertinent in the nuclear than any past age. Power, manifested as interest, is the motivating force behind war. But leaders are blind to this, which causes them to step over the precipice and into the abyss.


And even in the best case scenario where a nuclear exchange doe just stay regional, we are still looking at a global nuclear winter, 2 billion dead, and the collapse of civilization.